March 25, 2009

Mystery Solved

So I've been dealing with a mystery for sometime now... About a year ago I started experiencing a lot of light handedness, feelings of fainting, dizziness and my vision blurring. It got really scary when these attacks would hit me while I was driving; mostly when I was really tired or driving at night. The road would feel like it just slipped out from under me and I was about to crash because I couldn't bring my lane back into focus. When it started happening I immediately went into detective mode and started the process of elimination by trying different things to see if it helped. The first thing I started monitoring was my eating habits and throwing a few vitamins into my daily routine. I am embarrassed to say that I used to have an eating disorder of a sort. I considered myself boarder line anorexic from the age of thirteen to seventeen. I say borderline because I had the mind set of an anorexic girl but I never could get my body looking like I wanted. I was never happy...But then maybe that just means I was full blown because that's what they all think:p Anyhow, I no longer starve myself but those five years created some really bad eating habits so I have to watch myself. When I get into a busy part of my life, I will just stop eating, but not really meaning to; I would just rather sleep, get things done, and whatever else over eating...Well I quickly found out that the problem wasn't my eating because I was still having the attacks.
The next thing I looked into was my water intake...I am horrible about this ladies, but I have gotten better ever since R and I married...He is a huge H20 nut and swears by the stuff:p His mom apparently instilled that into him and his sister growing up...So the first thing I did was start chugging bottles of water and Gatorade and kept this up for a good three weeks...I hated that I ran to the restroom every ten minutes but that was better then the attacks if this was the problem...Was I dehydrated? No, that wasn't the problem either...So instead of going to the doctor like most I just gave up and tried to live with these waves of scariness...Well its been, like I said, about a year sense it all started and I think I have finally solved the mystery. Yesterday, while I was sitting at the food court on my thirty minute lunch, I was staring off into the distance at one of the shopping stores, one that had a huge blue lite up sign that shouldn't have been that hard to read, but there I was staring at it fighting to see it clearly...I thought to myself, wow, when did my eye sight start getting so bad? I went back to work and again noticed it, I was across the store doing some work when one of my co-workers started talking to me, I looked up to acknowledge that I heard him and realized that his face was all blurry and he had grown a third eyeball! That's when all of this confusion about my attacks started to make sense! I think I need glasses:p I immediately text my husband and told him what I had realized, so we are headed to the doctor this weekend to check things out...He wants to start with a doctor first just to make sure there's nothing else wrong, but I definitely think its just my eyes...I'll keep y'all posted. Also, I wasn't sure, but for all you military ladies, do you know if our medical covers vision too? I only know about medical and dental...


  1. Well that is scarey! Sounds like that could be your vision... I sort of get the same thing when I haven't had as much substance in my diet as I really need-- CARBS!

    As far as vision is concerned... it isn't covered, I believe you can add that option but we always found it more beneficial to use other vision insurance. You can get your eye exam done on post, and purchase glasses/contacts else where. Going to the doc sounds like it would be a good idea. But be ware the docs on Post are sometimes less than helpful when you have vague symptoms... dizziness, and lightheadedness. When I was having the same sort of "attacks" they drew 7 viles of blood (testing for hypoglysemia, and other things along those lines), and never heard from them again. So brace yourself for that!
    Keep us updated! Hope everything works out.

  2. Well hi! Yeah the husband and I should be there late June early July time frame and we are pretty excited about it. I have never been to Benning and I would love some info on what to expect. As always I do love meeting new people *you kind of have to being a military wife huh?* and it would be great to meet you once we get in town!

  3. Hi! I was glad to read your post that you're at Benning as well.. .nice to not feel alone though I do feel that way sititng alone in the BOQ room lol I'm at olsen (olson?) hall. Good times. I see you're a newlywed! That's so fun:) I got married in July. Your pics are beautiful... welcome to Army wife life!


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