March 26, 2009

My Daily Horror Movie...EKKKK!

I thought this was super cute and so true! We have a bathroom that makes me feel like I'm in a horror movie every time I strip to take a shower. Our seven foot counter has a mirror from top to bottom plastered behind the entire length and it even continues down behind the toilet! But then, if you look to the right, the wall behind our garden style tub has yet another mirror from top to bottom on it! Hiding from all of my imperfections is simply not achievable:) Two of my sisters came to visit last week and even they would shut their eyes while undressing and fumbled their way to the shower door:p


  1. Just found our blog! Very cute...

  2. First off that comic is way too cute!

    Yeah, I think James and I want to look at some off post houses/townhouses first before we look on post. James is one of those guys who wants to live as far away from post as he can! We might even look into buying a house out there if James gets the job he wants and we re-up to stay there. I think we are going to rent first then go from there. Any information about the post/Columbus anything would be awesome!


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