May 20, 2011

You Are Missed Gramma!

I cannot believe that June is just around the corner and that in seven short weeks I will be saying goodbye to my job! I figured the month of May would drag by like sludge, but apparently I was wrong because here we are in the last weeks--

I know that my attention was else where in early May; Some of you on my Facebook page would have heard, but my grandmother passed away a few weeks ago at 86 years old. She lead a very strong life, down to the end, and accomplished the things that meant most to her. She wanted to out live her husband so she could take care of him. Check. And stay out of a nursing home. Check Check! I think I got my bull dog personality from her, ha! She took care of her husband until his death in December 2009 and she passed into God's hands while sleeping in her bed May 3, 2011. I was very lucky to attend her funeral 800 miles away in the hills of Pennsylvania with the rest of my family. She was such a wonderful women and will be greatly missed by me and many others--

During this, I also had a charity event going on for a local abused shelter for Mothers Day. I paired my new business as a Mary Kay consultant with sponsors (local businesses/ family and friends) to bring the Mothers of Hope Harbour joy and appreciation during a darker time of their lives. This took up a lot of time on top of working 12 hour days but it was so worth it and felt wonderful to be apart of! In addition, I was pulling ladies together to throw my first 2 Mary Kay parties and planning a birthday party for my sister---

Next week I have a day devoted solely to the MOVE and getting questions answered. However I'm hoping one of you might be able to answer this one. We are wanting to fly our cat to Washington instead of drive him out there; ONLY because of his inability to be indoors for long periods of time without being SUPER annoying, lol...Our only problem is he'll be there long before we arrive to pick him up. Is there anyone who offers a service for this? Such as picking him up for us? Or does the airport board them until you claim your animal?

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!!! I actually have an entire weekend off this week so it really IS a happy Friday:)

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  1. Hey, Becca, which base will you guys be stationed at? I have friends stationed at Ft Lewis who might be willing to cat sit, if asked nicely, if that is your destination. If it is Whidbey, it might take some research, but I think I know some people up there, too. Email me on FB.

    ~ Melinda


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