June 27, 2011

Letter From Mommy

Dear Baby "G"

You certainly gave mommy a shock on June 24, 2011, the day I found out you were hiding in my belly! You are only 3 weeks and 5 days but already I'm protecting you and you don't even know it! See daddy's trying to nickname you "Al-g." Short for alien and our last name which starts with a "G." I refuse to call you that Baby "G." Mommy's looking out!

You must have really wanted us for parents Baby "G" because you came to us on our very first try!

You gave me those 2 beautiful pink lines at 6:20 am on a Friday morning. I know this because I was getting ready to watch daddy graduate his last cycle of soldiers. Daddy works for the U.S Army Baby "G." He's a pretty big deal to us and we're so proud of him:) He was so happy when I finally told him about you ! He was on the phone all night sharing your existence with EVERYONE; Your grampa's and gramma's and aunties and uncles. You have a really large family Baby "G" all to love on you and make you giggle and laugh!

Some women don't get pregnancy symptoms in as little as 3 weeks but Mommy has! You make me very hungry and tired and I use the bathroom a lot! I'm hoping these strong symptoms mean your a healthy baby and this will be a strong pregnancy. I am craving fried pickles 24/7 and have eaten breakfast food 3 times in 2 days! Mommy never does that Baby "G." I like variety and change so I definitely know you're helping me with my food choices:) Lets just try to make better decisions then oil soaked food and syrup on our eggs, potatoes, bacon and anything else we eat, mmmk?



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