April 3, 2009

So Proud Of My Hubby!

R got his hat today! This is a really big deal and I am soooo proud of him! Everyone is telling him he looks like the poster boy for a drill Sgt's:p I'd say I agree with that! He passed his last PT test today and just finished his last written exam right before he called me, so everything from here is down hill! Now just waiting on when I get to drive up there to see him graduate and then bring him home!


  1. Woohoo that's so exciting! A big congrats to your husband!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. He looks so cute in his hat...reminds me of the park ranger in Yogi the Bear. LOL. Congrats Robert.

  3. Congrats! He definitely looks the part. You may have already told me this, but when are you driving here? I'm sure you'll be super busy, but maybe we can grab some lunch??


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