April 5, 2009

Some Randomness And QUESTIONS!

Well crumb....Just got home from work and I'm starving so I decide to cook this wonderful gourmet meal of mac'n'cheese... I certainly must be tired because what do I do? I go to pour the noddles and then realize that I dumped all my cheesy powder in instead, turning the water a nice murky orange....Ugggg...Guess I'll have to settle for plain ol'noodles and butter....again...Oh yes, this has happened before...
Gosh, I think two days is a record for me not posting, so far and I've missed everyone! I'm definitely going to be catching up on y'all this week so be looking for my comments! I had a great weekend with my hubby although I had to work yet again...Sighs...and didn't get that much time with him...But at least I got some so I'm certainly not going to complain! Somewhat out of fear that I'd be B!&@# slapped by all you girls who's men are deployed and would kill for even an hour...My momma didn't raise no fool:p I had a split shift on Saturday so I went in at 9:00 am then left at 2:00 pm. only to return at 9:00 pm later in the even to work until closer to 1:00 am. We had a game day sale to prep for and we needed time that customers weren't in the store to do it...We normally don't work that late, thank God, However because of that shift Robert and I got to go see the new fast and furious movie together!!! Ohhhhh it felt so wonderful getting to just sit there with him and unwind! Ever notice that you can be completely happy doing whatever just as long as your together:) Anyhow, the show was great y'all. If your a fan of those movies you definitely NEED to watch this new one!!! I loved it because there was so much intrigue this time around. Granted there was intrigue in the others too, but this ones just different...Plus all the old actors are back! So just watch it:p
So a quick question for y'all would be, what should I decide on my eye doctors appointment tomorrow? I can't decide whether to get contacts or glasses and here is why. Glasses are too easy for me to lay down and loose while contacts, I'm scared, might irritate my eyes...I don't want to waste the money on contacts if I'm just going to hate how they feel and not use them anyhow, while I certainly don't want to loose my glasses ultimately wasting that money anyway......deep breath....Any thoughts? Contacts or glasses and why?
So ANOOOOOTHER question I have...There are four important birthdays coming up all in the space of three weeks from now, but the one I'm really having a hard time with is my hubby's birthday! It is this Friday... We've talked about what to get him and he just says that guys arn't that into romantic gifts and would rather practical gifts...Do you agree with this? his suggestions are either new floor mats for his truck or Guitar Hero Metallica...I really want to do something memorable for him because we've never been able to be together on his birthday, up until this year. He'll be driving in on Friday night so I think this calls for something special, don't you? Then comes the question of what I should do for him and when...Friday night won't work because he never arrives before midnight and I work this Saturday from 2:00 until close and then he leaves out again on Sunday around 2:00 pm. I thought maybe a nice picnic or something? Or is that cheesy...Any suggestions would be great! I'm so open for input at this time it'd be hilarious what I'd do for it:p Thanks y'all, in advance, for your wonderful ideas and comments!


  1. I think girls in glasses are sexy!!!

  2. I have glasses and in the past I wore contacts. I liked contacts, loved them at the time actually, but when I got pregnant with -1 my eyes got so dry and I just couldnt wear them. So its been four years and I'm happy to be back with glasses. : ) Contacts aren't pricey so I do keep some pairs around, I might take them on vacation with us but since I'm pregnant with -3 now I'm pretty sure I wont be able to wear them for long.

    As for the birthday, I say give him something practical that he's asked for, floor mats would be a hit with my husband as well. and then do something special that is really from your heart. He'll love and remember both. Even the floor mats!

  3. Usually an eye doctor will give you a free sample of contacts or something to try to see if they work/irritate you. They're really not bad. I've had contacts since 4th grade (my eyes are REALLY bad, and yes, I was the youngest person my doctor ever prescribed them to) Depending on how bad your eyes are you may need both glasses and contacts. I can't read the E on the top of the chart, and so when I get ready for bed and take out my contacts, I need glasses to lounge around in. :)

    Also, consider that with glasses, unless you do those tinted ones, you can't wear sunglasses, which is annoying for driving. Just some random observations from over the years!

  4. Glasses Vs. Contacts... I think is more about what works for you and what is exactly going on with your eyes. When I first had my eyes checked my vision was mroe or less fine but the astigmatism was giving me headaches.. My eye doc at the time told me I had to start with glasses- this only made my headaches worse.. since I could see fine I looked around my glasses it just caused issues so Contacts were an obvious choice! If you do choose contacts they will irritate your eyes at first while you adjust to them. I live in CO which is very dry and sometimes I need drops but most days I'm fine... Just do what works for you. And you'll only lose your glasses once! When you have to keep paying for them you'll learn to keep track of them! OR OR OR!! OR you can get one of those sexy lanyard type things that keeps your glasses around your neck! WOoo woo! lol

    I really don't know what to say about the gift thing... I think it just depends on the guy. :( Sorry I can't be anymore help...

  5. Usually they give you a trial pair to make sure that the brand/fit/prescription is right. You wear them for a week or so and then go back to get checked. If you decide you hate them, you an just not fill your prescription. I have only had mine for two years and I love them. Sure they are a pain sometimes, but unless there is a tear or a piece of dust in them, I almost always forget that I have shoved something in my eyeball that morning :)


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