April 1, 2009

His Voice...

BAM, CLASH, BOOOOM! Goes the thunder....

Its nights like these that I really wish my hubby was here...You know, those dark, rainy, scary bright lighting and loud thunder nights? Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this way during severe storms? I mean I'm sitting here in my living room, in a chair, that points right at our french doors and into those rumbling, grumbling thunder heads; The rain is so loud that I can barley think and the minute those huge lighting bolts hit, you could convince me its day! In addition, the wind it pushing the rain at such a speed that you'd swear lug nuts where raining down on us! And when the massive bright strikes hit it means I need to brace myself because soon comes the jaw rattling KA-LACK!
My husband knows how I get during bad storms, but he uses that voice of his, which is so utterly steady and soothing, to talk me into a state of calm; I actually end up falling a sleep! Oh girl, and when he sings...Well lets just say I have this love struck look plastered on my face that says "please don't stop" lol...Out of it all though the high winds is really what scares me the most...Sometime ago, while snuggled in his arms, a bad storm broke out early in the wee morning. The wind was stronger then I had ever experienced. Well no, I take that back, there was this wind storm while I was in Alaska which had 100 mph gusts ALL DAY LONG! But getting back where I left off...It started to get really bad out to where I couldn't decide if it was just wind or a tornado, yes that bad ladies...R knew I was scared because I started breathing hard and holding onto him even tighter then before, so he just started stroking my hair and talking to me about how the wind sounds like the ocean breaking and receding...It really does too! So he painted this picture for me (with his amazing voice:p) of us on a beach with our eyes shut, just holding one another listening to the waves crash and dance....sighs...I use those images every time now when the wind tries and get the better of me....I don't even think he knows how much I appreciated him doing that and how tightly I still hold onto his painting during storms...Hmmmm...Might have to share that with him this weekend:p So off to bed I go! Can't wait to dream about that tropical beach and my hunny holding me close...


  1. That's such a sweet story. What a great guy you've got there.

  2. Hey! I just found *your* blog last night, but hadn't had time to comment yet =). And I have to say your story takes the cake. I am so sorry! I'm glad he's home (sorta) now, though I know it's not as home as you want him to be. . . .

  3. Its not so much the storms that scare me its more when the dish tv goes out. And when he's home I like to ask him to go stand on the barn roof with an umbrella over it so that I can finish my show. I love that he always says sure thing let me get right on that and then we laugh. We are corny like that.

  4. That story, despite being scary, is so sweet :)

  5. I definitely can relate... I am by far the most paranoid broad on the planet! When I married a soldier I knew being a lone was going to be apart of the deal. So when we bought our house (we already had a 6 month old Golden Retriever) I demanded we ahve an alarm installed. My hubby, may be a short lil guy but I know that he would do anything for me so I feel safe with him but when he's gone it's a whole 'nother ball game! It's not storms... but I can relate to being scared and wanting your man with you! :(
    Sucks when they're gone... I think you inspired a new post for me! :)


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