April 9, 2009

Update On My Running And A Confession...

So now that I've been running steady for two weeks I do have a question, so I'll just dive right in here. About four days after I started running I started noticing that I've been getting this weezing sensation during the day or at night but its not consistent, just comes and goes...This bothers me just a bit because I used to have a death threatening case of asthma when I was younger, from ages 3-6. I was always in the hospital for it and would have to stay for months at a time...But thats another story...I was just wondering if its possible to get asthma back after all this time? I mean I grew out of it when I was ten and haven't had a problem since. My mother in-law has told me that you can get it back while my husband tells me that there is also a thing known as runners asthma? What are your thoughts?

I'm really excited because this is the LONGEST I've ever went, continuing to run and not giving up. Some progress I've noticed is that my quads are looking stronger and that I'm not out of breath by the end, although I am breathing pretty hard:p I felt like it was getting harder and harder with each run, that first week, but now its starting to level out. Today is my rest day seeing as I ran yesterday, but starting tomorrow I'm going to start pushing myself a little more.

I do have a confession to make, however. This whole time I have been running on a tredmill...I have looked into running forums and alot of the hard core runners do not consider this running:( My reasons, right now, for using the tredmill is that I know how much distance I'm running and that is whats keeping me motivated. I don't have one of those nice little Garmin watches yet so that I can keep track of my milage. In addition, I haven't found any nice places to run either. We live in a really busy area of Columbus,GA and I just do not feel comfortable running in all that traffic, at this point. I was hit twice by two different cars in Alaska so I'm alittle road shy now:p I do realize that running on pavement is completely different then a tredmill, I have done it:p To make up for some of my guilt I've been setting my incline to 20 percent so that its like I am running up hills and such that you meet outside:p Any thoughts?

I have a butt load of stuff to do today, it being my day off and all:p Finish up birthday shopping for the hubs, clean the house from top to bottom, get my hair cut, dispose of our cat, jk:p and I've even been contimplating starting the tanning bed seeing as we have them in our apartment complex. I just have such a hard time getting color and so I get depressed and usually end up giving up. I have alot of Irish running through my veins so that means I acquire freakles on a daily basis and burn easily:p Argh...Caio!


  1. You got hit by a car twice? That's terrible! I wouldn't run on the road either! Good job on the running progress! :)

  2. Ok first of all, I consider running..running! No matter what surface it's on. I commend you on running because the only time I run is if I fear for my safety! Haha!
    Speaking of the tanning bed I went today. I say if it makes you feel good then go!

  3. Running is running is running is running. Do what you need to do!

    And yes, you can have exercise induced asthma, which may be because of your earlier diagnosis or you may have actually developed it over time. Get it checked out! An inhaler will make all the difference in the world.

  4. That's nonsense. Like D.A.R. said Running is running. I do both outdoor and treadmill and i've had really hard workouts on both. Just depends how much you push. Obviously you can't "control" the outdoor terrain but that doesn't mean you can't increase the incline to match it on the treadmill.

    I will say though, during hot weather it is harder to run outside for sure and the pavement seems to take more of a toll on your body.

  5. I've been away for a few days I have so much reading to catch up on!!
    I would look into an inhaler...! We have the asthma thing in common, I was constantly in and out of the hospital.

  6. I agree with everyone else. As long as you're running, I'd say you're running. Who cares whether its on a treadmill or outside?

  7. I cannnnnoooot believe you got hit by two different cars! That's insane! Glad you didn't get seriously injured!

    I'm with D.A.R. running is running.

    I do like to run outside. I bought a cheepo pedometer that for the most part is accurate. It measure distance and steps. I bought it for like $6. But I run in a park where there are no cars allowed ;)

  8. I got hit by a car this week! I had gotten off of one bus and was crossing the street to catch another bus when a car came around the side of the first bus and hit my left shoulder and side. Getting hit must run in the family.
    As far as the running goes...dont worry about what "everybody" else does in the forums and do your own thing! You are you! Personally, I like the treadmill better cause I can stay indoors where its airconditioned...plus, being in Korea, I have to go to a local gym and theres some nice "things" to look at. Hehe.


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