April 7, 2009

Love That Guy!!! A.K.A My Brother:)

So this is my brother and my sister who was pregnant at the time. Incase your wondering, they're bumpin baby bellies:p This was my sisters baby shower and yes those are the balloons we used for decoration under their shirts...I love my life!
Okay, so I didn't have just a solo pic of my younger brother but this is him! He has such a great sense of humor and is just so cool all the time! You honestly could hate him because he's so cool and makes it look so easy:p As a sister I love the bantering back and forth that we often do:p Yesterday I texted him about my glasses and told him I now have designer coach frames. He replies back with "how much did that set R back, HA HA?" I told him the amount, 334.00 and he writes back, "thats my little gold digger!" By the way, he's single for all you non married, non engagged ladies out there:p (wiggles eyebrows) He'd kill me if he knew I was (figuritively speaking) auctioning him off on blogger.com, BWAH HA HA! The other day I hijacked his myspace account and replaced his serene mountain scene with that of two puppy hound dogs and changed his favorite rocker song out to, "You Ain't Nothin But a Hound Dog" by the famous Elvis Presley:p He texted me the next day and says "Becca you little shit! LMAO! I'll get you for this!" Ahhhh sibling rivalry....He has this really slow southern way about himself...He talks like he's in no hurry and hardly nothing life throws at him can rattle the guy. He makes light over serious things that happens on the job (like almost digging too far down into the ground and hitting an electrical wire strong enough to send him to the next life...Yeah I wanted to shake him for just laughing about it. He gets pulled over for speeding alot and when the cop asks him why he's in such a hurry he gives them that slow country smile and says "awwwwwwe officer, you know....Just tryin to get home to momma." LMAO...He's a bit of a devil too though. B works with heavy equipment and LOVES anything to do with Cat, John Deere ect...Well there is this field of nothing but dirt and big pieces of machinery right near where he lives, so what does B do? He grabs a buddy and heads on over there at like 12:00 in the morning to play....(shakes head) The land and the (toys) are not his, keep in mind...He says that in this line of work contractors always leave keys in their equpiment, so he just jumps in the biggest one he can find and turns on those lights that is bright enough to light up a football field! Why to go if your trying to be inconspicuous! Well to make a long story short, they get caught by the owner... The man pulls a shot gun on them and has it dug right into my brothers stomach and says "what the hell do you boys think your doin out here!" B replies in his slow country way "awwwwwwwe sir, just movin alittle dirt" AHHHHHH HA HA HA HA! His response was too funny to even think about scolding him at the time! Gosh I love that guy:p Well not really sure why I decided to blog JUST about my brother when I have so many other siblings. All I can figure is I just really miss that guy right now!!! Wish you all had the opportunity to meet him, cause you'd end up loving him just as much as I do!
P.s. I just texted the bro and told him I was auctioning him off on blogger. He replies with " So, I'll expect my cut in the mail on friday" lol, aweful sure of himself that he'll even be bid on:p


  1. Awe, he sounds like a perfect, southern gentleman! I love all of the crazy stories, and think it's awesome that he never got worked up, even when a shot gun was pointed at him.

    I know what you mean about missing your brother, I miss mine so much. It's funny how siblings just get each other and understand each other more than anyone else!

    It's so nice that you all are close friends!

  2. Hahah!! You guys are adorable!!!

    And I'm lovin your new specs down below. :)

  3. Funny Beck! Loved the stories about Brian. He was like 12-13 when I moved to TX, so I feel like I dont really know him anymore. Sounds like he turned out pretty well:) Cant wait to see all of you this summer. When are you going to blog about me? Huh? Huh? Huh? :)

  4. Lol! That's my boo...gotta love him:) hey how did sem get her pic on here? I want mine!!


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