April 16, 2009

Tag You're it!

So I was tagged by Stephanie over at Adventures of Jon And Steph. This is my first blogger game EVER so I'm really excited to play:p Thanks Steph!!! Apparently this is the deal, Mention the person(s) that tagged you. Complete the lists of 8's. Tag 8 of your wonderful blogging buddies then go tell them you have tagged them. Here are my list of 8's...

8 Things I look forward to:

#1. Robert's return from the three months he has spent in South Carolina...

#2. Hitting my five mile mark as a runner!! (big one there)

#3. Our 1st. year anniversary on 12/27/2009! We are planning a ski trip to Gatlinburg, TN up in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, Yay!

#4. Driving to SC on Wednesday night, after work, to see Robert graduate Drill School the fallowing morning!

#5. My birthday on November 6th because a little birdy is dropping the hint that I want the Garmin 405... To track the crazy miles I'll be putting in by then:p

#6. Hearing from all you ladies every day and reading about your day...Checking Blogger is like the first site I go to when getting on, anymore:)

#7. Seeing where life has taken Robert and I ten years from now...The experiences we'll have had, and maybe even have already met our future children:p

#8. Summer time for sure...I love being outdoors...I usually carry this ridiculous smile on my face during warm summer days...(Takes a deep nasal breath...AHHHHHHHH!)

8 Things I did Yesterday:

#1. Went to work from 2:00 til midnight working on getting our inventory preped for the next day (which was sooooo a distaster in case you were wondering) I'll blog about it later, because after all, who does this!

#2. Opened the french doors in our living room to let the nice breeze in and just took a snooze in our big comfy chair...

#3. Worked on getting some bills paid.

#4. Took a late movie back to red box (oops)...

#5. Talked to my sister Mouse and wished her a Happy Birthday.

#6. Started to clean the apartment for when Robert gets in tomorrow night.

#7. Went to Wal-Mart looking for my favorite eye shadow of all time, which they have been out of for an entire month! errr....

#8. Shopped online to find a dress for Roberts graduation....No luck:(

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

#1. Grow out my nails for one...Gaw, it was such a bad habit I picked up and when I stopped I weakend them to the point where they just refuse to grow and break instead...sniff sniff...

#2. loose the extra five pounds I've been carry around...I blame it on Robert because its really true, when you get into a relationship, alot of it is based around food and you just gain weight...It sucks but its so fun while your doing it! Some of that I have to blame on my birth control though too...grins...

#3. Travel as much as I wanted to!!! I would be all over the place...You'd never be able to pin this girl down:p

#4. Meet some really solid girls where I live and build lasting friendships, preferably military wives/girlfriends...Thats something I plan to work hard on this year...I really miss just being able to take off with a group of girls to go get coffee, or something, and just chatter:)

#5. Spell...I've always been a terrible speller and wish I was better at it...My younger sister, Mouse, she has always been so good at it and growing up I never thought it was fair...She was younger and I was older so there for I was supposed to be better at everything thing then her, right? lol...

#6. Write a book!! Gosh I can't tell you how many times I've started one but then have quit...I guess I just haven't found the story line that really motivates me yet...It would be a romance of course:)

#7. Send my Da back to Ireland where he was born and put them up in a nice little cottage there...My dad has lived a very full and adventerous life but Ireland is truly where his heart lyes...Everytime he hears songs/sees pictures/movies of his country he gets all misty eyed...Maybe someday Da...

#8. Speak a second language! I tried French for a while when I was 16 and my Da tried to teach us kids Gaelic when we were young but all I can do now is count from 1-10:p
A haon (ah-haun)
a dó (ah doe)
a trí (ah tra)
a ceathair (ah catergh)
a cúig (ah kooig)
a a sé (ah sha)
a seacht (ah shoft)
a hocht (ah hooft)
a naoi (ah nay)
a deich (ah de)

Still got it, hee hee:p

8 Shows I Watch:

These are shows I watch when I have time but I, by no means, am a loyal fallower:p

#1. Army Wives
#2. Americas next top model
#3. Srubs (hilerous)
#4. Etreme Makeover
#5. Desperate Housewives
#6. Nanny 911
#7. Lost
#8. CSI Miami

Thanks again Steph and so now comes the really fun part, getting to tag other bloggy buddies:p I apologize but I do not know how to post peoples links on here then attach it to their blog name, however you can find them on my fallow list or the blogs I read! Anyone that knows how to do this, I would love to know! These are in no particular order, BTW:)
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Thanks for reading guys and I hope I haven't picked anyone who has already been tagged...EKKK!


  1. Thanks for tagging me!!

    I saw over on Trying Our Best you said that one of your favorite boy names is Samuel. Awesome choice...that's my Lil' Mootz's name! We went with the middle name Patrick because we were married on St. Patty's. I think there are so many middle names that sounds good with Samuel though...it really is a great name (and I'm not biased or anything, haha!).

  2. Thanks for the tag! I'll be sure to participate in all of the fun!

  3. I love America's Next Top Model! It's like a drug for me!

  4. oooo.. Stay tuned and I'll play tomorrow or the next day! PROMISE! Much love girlie~ you have awesome goals for yourself.

  5. My family is from Ireland too, but grandparents! My dad is the same way, he is so into the Irish culture it's nuts. Sadly I try not to get into convo's about Ireland, because I'll be stuck on the phone all night long ;)

    How fun, glad to know a little more about ya girl!

  6. Thanks for the tag, I'll have to do this later tonight! I bet you're so ready for Robert to come back home!

  7. Thanks girl! I really have enjoyed getting to know you a little more and more. And this is perfect.. I've been lacking in the blog topic ideas!


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