April 14, 2009

The Reasons I Run!!!

So not ever, in my wildest dreams, did I think I would become a runner at some point in life. However, here I am at 24 years of age loving each completed week of running where I become more and more crazy about it and want to see myself succeed! My only complaint is I cannot stand the days I have to rest and wish I could run farther/longer:p I know it doesn't look like I'm making that much progress but my hubby informed me last week that the distance from our gym to our apartment was NOT in fact a quater of a mile... So when I was posting that I ran 1.25 miles that first week, it was a lie:( I was only running like 1.10 and I was bummed, BUT, I am now ACTUALLY running 1.25 miles, and how do I know this? Because I'm running it on the treadmill:p Phew, felt good to get that off my chest! So I feel like I am making progress and tacking on extra steps each week...Next week I hope to build myself to 1.5 miles so wish me luck! By the way, I absolutely have no idea what I'm doing here. As far as knowing if I'm pushing too hard, not hard enough, should I be running everyday even though I'm really sore, will that eventually stop to where I can run everyday? How do I build my speed, or should I just be concentrating on on getting my miles built then work on speed...It all makes my head spin...Any advise ladies? Also, does running lean your lower half out or will I always be bottom heavy unless I do extra stuff? I don't want to build massive leg muscles like Arnold, instead I want to achive lean muscles...What has been ya'lls experience with your body changing with running?

So I've been doing even more thinking about this whole running thing and my reasons for sticking with it...I wanted to write them out for my own clarificaition and thought you might like to know them as well:p

#1 I'm making this up as I go, so bare with me:p

#2 The biggest REAL reason is that I have always admired hard core runners and their discipline; Its alway looked like such an achivment that I would have loved to gain! Everytime I'd get a small motivational bug under my butt I would go with it, but then quit like three days into it...Each time I would feel like the biggest looser/quiter. Everytime that would solidify it (that much more) that I didn't have what it took; the discipline, motivation, desire....errr....Kinda of made me look at myself in a not so good light...Bottom line, I felt lazy...I want to prove to myself that I can do this and I'm not lazy; That I do have motivation, discipline and desire and I can be that hard core runner I always admired!

#3 I want to achive a healthier way of life through my running. I know that when I work hard towards a better body then I'm more conscience of what I put in my body. Adapting to this life style of running will only help me stay phiscally healthier and I'm down with that!

#4 This one ties into the above reason and I know you know it was coming, I want to finally think I look good when I peek at myself below the belt line:p I have always had issues with my backside and thighs and HATE looking at them...I hate being in a swim suit because of this and I would love to not feel that way anymore... So I'm finally taking charge of how I feel about myself and saying "no more," no more will I just sit around hating how I look while doing nothing about it and no more will I waste another day thinking poorly of myself because of it. I want to tone up so I can finally walk confidently in a swim suit, or shorts and know that I'm not being stared at for my jiggly rear and thighs but that I look good and maybe inspire others as well...I know when I see a girl that looks like she works out I get that motivational bug EVERYTIME to start working out more too:p

#5 ummmm, so maybe a little of this is so I can eat (some) bad stuff and not feel guilty for it:p I just cannot seem to stay away from the chips...If I could change one thing about myself I would change that...To have the control to look at all of those beautifully, air filled, colored bags and just say, "your not worth it Mr. Lays and I am so over you," ahhhhh, that felt good actually...Maybe I'll take a spin to wal-mart and go have a chat with him now:p

#6 A really exciting reason of mine is so that my hubby and I can be active together...I never ran with R because I knew that he'd either A. smoke my jiggly ass, or B. slow down for me and not get the workout that he needed...He's really active and I want to be able to keep up. Call me crazy but when I see Military wives/girlfriends/fiences trying to keep pace with their hunny's it makes me smile...I think it shows them that we take their careers serious and want to support them by also staying fit, like they have to do on a daily basis...Also, I know it means a lot to R that I'm doing this because its just one more thing we can do together as a couple:)

Well thank you for reading, as this was my first time voicing why I run...It felt good to finally realize why I'm doing this. I'm sure my reasons will change or develop more over time but for now, this is where I stand! Really looking forward to all of your comments/suggestions/advise on any part of this post:)


  1. All very good reasons and running is very addicting so enjoy! I am with you on the thighs and the rear end - I hate both spots on myself!! Great job!

  2. #2: I was the SAME way. I seriously refused to buy new running shoes until I ran for 3 days a week for two months. I didn't believe I would actually stick with it so I had to bribe myself :)

  3. I have so much respect for people who run. I ran track in high school and got so burned out. I'm fine with walking but I HATE to run now. You're so dedicated!!

  4. I'm in the very beginning stages of trying to become a runner as well.. 1 mile is still very hard for me, but try this website out. You may already be a little advanced for the first couple of weeks but maybe you can pick up in the middle: Ok sorry.. I don't know the actual website. Google "from couch to 5K". Hope that helps a little!

  5. not to downplay this whole running craze, but I hear one of the best ways to shape your legs (and we all want those model-esque legs) is to throw on some heels!... Just FYI, i'm not much on the running (I just wanted to clarify no one is chasing you right? ha ha), or high heels... so I guess I'm stuck with my soccer player legs. I'll take em'. :)

  6. Congrats on the running! I think the best way to get started is to just do what feels right. Sometimes if you're sore, a run can help you feel better, but other times it can make it worse. Try strapping on the shoes and if it doesn't feel right, go home and do some crunches and pushups instead! :)

  7. Hey Becca! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't believe how much I was able to relate to your post about running! Oh man, that is totally me in a nutshell! I always DETESTED it, but once I started doing it, I became hooked and I'm doing it for all of the reasons that you are and I had to laugh at reason 5 because I totally run so that I don't feel so guilty for pigging out on junk! Haha!

    I think that you have an adorable blog as well and I'm excited to follow along:)

  8. I still hate running, hopefully one day I will be more like you and enjoy it! Right now I LOVE walking everyday. I am slowly building to running again!

    I'm so proud of you and it will be so great when you and your husband can run together!


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