April 20, 2009

Say what! And I missed it!

Ummm, so apparently there was a tornado that tore up down town Columbus last night (about 4 miles from my house) and I didn't know a thing about it...WHA! I mean if I even get a whif of one lurking near by I go into complete freak mode and stare at the T.V all night feeling like my heart is going to burst from fear, waiting for the sirens or the news that it has past, or something!....So what was I doing last night? Ohhhhh, I was sitting in our living room staring, instead, at blogger happy as a bug in a rug:p I looked up at one point and saw some lightning but continued on with my reading, then the lights started to flicker, but it wasn't that sever out so I ignored it, then the sirens went off, but I ignored that too because they go off every Saturday night just to do checks; I thought that was what they were up to. So I didn't even pay attention to the guy who came across the loud speaker, obviously NOT, saying "This is a test. I repeat, this is a test." I only found out about it when I woke up this morning to a text my hubby sent asking me if I was okay, then telling me that there were tornados that touched down last night....Gosh, I must be slipping:p No one was hurt but a bunch of down town is all jacked up to where streets have totally been shut down...Have I mentioned how much I hate tornados! It was probably a good thing I didn't know; Being all alone, I probably would have hyperventilated to death!

On a happier note! I just got the best wife award of the year, or at least from my hubby anyhow...He has always had a dream of owning a 1967 mustang shelby fastback and found the perfect one on Ebay last night...If you're not sure what kind of a car that is, its Elenore off of Gone In Sixty Seconds, however he had been dreaming about that car even before Elenore, lol...We've been talking about this for a good three months now and have decided that if he really wants to do this, then we need to do it when we're young and before the kids arrive...This car costs a lot in case you didn't know! So the one he found last night is actually a steal at 33,000 and so he bid on it! He is, as of right now, the top dog and leading the pack; I really hope it stays that way! I told him if we get it that, thats one hell of a graduation gift:p I'll keep ya'll posted on whether or not we get it! I think the auction ends on Saturday so I should have good or bad news to blog about then:p Good night ladies, this tired girl is off to la la land:)


  1. Wow!!! He's bidding on a car! That's a big deal! Hope it goes well!

  2. Good luck to your husband! That would be a great deal on a super cool car :)

    Sorry about all the tornadoes! Do you live in Columbus, OH?? I live in Cleveland! If so...we're close!

  3. Shelby's are so amazing! My step dad has one and it rocks. I loved driving that thing around!
    I totally say for for it! It's a lot of money but why not enjoy it, life is short ;)

    I can't believe you played on blogger while there were tornadoes in your town. You are hilarious. Glad to hear that you are safe and sound!

  4. In college I once slept through an earthquake.

    Good luck on the car auction!

  5. Sorry to be so random-- but I saw your comment on Katie's Twilight post.
    I would recommend that you watch the movie before you read the books! The movie is great, but not near as good as the book.
    I found I was disappointed at first because I did it the other way around, but EVERYONE I know who watched the movie first absolutely LOVED it.

    I hope you like it all too! Definitely worth the 5 days it will take you to get through all four books ;) (because if you're like the rest of us, you will literally read non-stop until you finish!)

  6. That's sweet about the car!!! :) I'm jealous and good luck.

    Secondly! thanks for stopping by my blog.

    third, glad you are safe and sound with all those tornado. :)

  7. Good luck to him (& you!) with the car! :)


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