June 15, 2009

I'm back with the running report!

I know I've been neglecting my blog for five days now but I'm back! I just got caught up on most of your blogs and commented so I feel like I'm back in the loop:p I'm still publishing from inside the cave but hopefully my power cord shows up in the mail today!

Gosh, I've been gone for so long that there's so much I need to write about...Certainly not all in one post though..I won't do that to you very sweet blogger buddies. You have other blogs outside of mine, I realize:p

Seeing as I have no cute pictures of Bella at the moment, I will wait on that particular blog and tell you, instead, of my running progress!!! I know some of you have been waiting on this so here goes...For the past three weeks I have been testing out a different approach to becoming faster and running longer. I got this advise from many of you as well as a running forum, so figured I'd give it a try! The run/wall approach really does work, it just takes dedication and time. The past three weeks have been full of ups and downs for me. I did well my first week, but then my second week I faltered. I got a new puppy and allowed that to get in the way of my running. Four days I skipped! That's three runs I missed and boy could I feel it when I finally got back out there. I ran diligently every other day for three runs in a row, but then...Let me explain, my husband and I have been on completely different shifts all week. Five days we went with out really speaking, eating dinner together, kissing, holding his hand, or hugging...So on the sixth day I was supposed to run but I worked a day shift that day and was going to get to spend the evening with him. Do you blame me? You could say maybe that I'm just not that dedicated, I guess, but I like to think other wise... So, I'll save you the details of each day this past three weeks and say that I've noticed progress in my speed and have figured out the key as to why I'm still at two miles....Ehhhh hmmmm! I stop at 2 miles:p So, silly and obvious I know, but hey...Today I figured this out...I was out running and noticed that I have extremely sore legs on my first mile, but then my second mile the legs warm up and my stride gets bigger, meaning I run it faster: 10:00 minute mile! Once I got back to my finishing point I felt like I could do more, but didn't...I needed to get back to the house and get ready for work ect...So the reasons for my delayed progress is due to many things: bad time management is one. I need to allow myself more time to do the 2 miles and then some. Allowing the "every days" to get in the way of my running/progress...A bad habit I'm going to break! It simply boils down to me pushing myself...Its that simple folks, THE END! Not exactly the progress you or I were wanting to hear, I know....BUT I have noticed improvement and will stick with it...I now know my enemy!

*to the following bloggers: High Heels & Combat Boots and More Then and Army Wife I swear I'm not ignoring your blogs, I'm just having a really hard time viewing your pages! High Heels, sometimes I can get on your's but More Then An Army Wife, I haven't been able to access your's in weeks! I keep trying though!


  1. I think the run was worth skipping to see your hubs!

  2. i agree that the hubby is more important so skipping that one wasnt a big deal! Im glad you at least realized what you need to do and are making a new plan. great job and dont be too hard on yourself 2 miles is GREAT...just think of all the couch potatoes who cant even run 1 lap! :)

  3. Sorry...misspelled something!

    I'm so glad that you are progressing with your running. I ran 1.75 mile runs last week...and today is my first day to attempt the 2 m run! Yikes...I'm nervous!

  4. Hubby is FARRRR more important!!


  5. Good job, keep at it when you can- soon enough Bella will be big enough to go on runs with you! :)

  6. *I just typed out this long comment for you and I don't know where it went.. grrr!*

    You made me laugh with your realization of why you haven't gone further. Sounds so simple but it's really not. It's hard to keep pushing yourself further. But you're discipline and dedicated enough.. I know you can do it!
    hubby... run... hubby... run... ~ I think you made the right decision! Especially after not coexisting for almost a week!
    Thanks for the feedback on my new blog name! I've decided to definitely go with that. I'll be changing that soon along with my URL I think so I hope it's not too confusing!

  7. Keep at it girlie! I totally don't blame you for taking time away from running and spending it with your hubby! :)

  8. Your husband is definitely more important~ Everyone needs a little QT with their better half ;)

    Glad you're back!!

  9. I think it is great progress :) You are doing wonderful keep it up!


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