May 27, 2009

What a pill! Hope I don't choke:p

Ya'll are definitely the sweetest! Thank you all of you for the advise, support and attempted advise as not all of you are runners. It meant so much!

After reading your comments and joining a running forum for further advise I've decided I need to swallow a very large pill here...Its not going to be easy and I don't want to, BUT its necessary for the goals I want to achieve. So what pill am I referring to? Well thee, "I must become slower if I want to run faster/longer pill." (insert my hopeful face dropping to my knees here) I am already too slow in my mind but apparently not slow enough. I was given about 25 replies to my forum post as of yesterday and three things remained steady in all of their advise...
  • I need to back it off to 60 second SLOW runs and 120 second walks for a good two weeks, every other day for my 2 miles. This will improve my lungs, muscle strength, stamina and speed.
  • When I finish, I should feel like I could do it again, but then DO NOT!
  • I should be able to carry a conversation or sing my ABC's comfortably while running. This is a good measuring tool for whether I'm maintaining a good speed.

All of this COMPLETELY goes against what, I thought, I knew about running but I'm willing to give it a try...Most all of them strongly disagreed with Robert on the HARD sprinting as I have not yet built a strong base and haven't allowed my body to adjust to the impact of running yet. Apparently this is a really good way to get injured...They all took the time to review my running charts on Running Ahead, which was so nice and helped them give advise better, so I feel like I'm being given the right advise.

This is going to be tough so I'm not going to act like it won't...I am a bulldog when it comes to success and seeing improvement. If I know I can do more then, by God, I'm gonna do more! However they say not to...UGG! I hate having to walk when I know I can go further, so again, toughie! In fact, I started this program last evening and the only reason I stuck with it was because of Robert:p So If I stop posting about my running for the next two weeks its because I'm in a transition phase and most likely very ill at heart:p It needs to be done though so I'm going to stick with it! I just can't wait to report in two weeks that my 2 miles are now a breeze and my speed picked up to a 10:00 mile run! This is my hope anyhow:) I have more I could say on other subjects but right now my stomach is churning nothing but acids so I need to eat:p I had inventory at one of the stores early this morning and I was the dufus who didn't leave enough time for breakfast...One of these days I'm going to learn:) I'll keep ya'll posted and again, thank you, thank you for the advise and support...Showers ya'll with hugs:p


  1. Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    I totally understand your frustrations....but these peeps know what they are talking I think you are in good hands!

  2. That's so awesome that so many people commented and gave you such great advice! I know how you feel though, I am so stubborn and want to go full out with everything, but there is a chance you might get hurt! Just take it slow and you'll be a runner in no time! Better to play it safe than be sorry.

    Thanks for the comment! I missed you too and I'm so glad to be back catching up with your blog!

    Hope you have a great one. I'm off to do LOADS of laundry.... yuck!

  3. Good luck with the new plan! I hope that it works out well for you. I'm actually thinking about cutting my runs (although I haven't been running for a little over a week now because I'm a BUM!) and trying to run more often, but for shorter distances at a faster pace.. hrm :)

    We'll be in transition together!

  4. Since I haven't run since high school and was forced to to pass (haha) I would have no advice. BUT I do remember them talking about running slower makes you faster in the end?

    Oh who knows! : p

    Either way goood luck, I have no doubt you will pick up speed in the best possible way soon. : )

  5. Good luck! Good idea asking the experts,

    Reading all these runners blogs makes me want to do it...I will have to see what my Dr says.

  6. Good luck!!! Keep us updated friend!

  7. That sounds like something i should do. im stuck at 1 mile lately and dont want to go anymore after that.maybe im going to fast to soon. hmmm i will give the runners website some serious studying.!! Good luck! :) and dont be so sad. i know its hard, but in the long run if it can make u better, then go for it!!

  8. I think this new plan sounds good!!! Good luck!

  9. The run 60 seconds walk 120 seconds really does work! My friend did that in her boot camp class and it worked like a charm for her. She does eight miles now every other day. Just be dedicated honestly dedication is key and helps reach goals :)

  10. Totally agree with you, and it will work, I posted about this a while ago, you can see it under my posts, "Important posts" and it's titled Weight issues. (weird title but whatever ha ha) so yea, good luck and don't worry! It will make you a stronger and better runner!!!

  11. Good luck with your plan! I think I might try it too:-) I struggle with always looking at everyone else's times and then trying to go faster than I'm able - a 10:00min mile is VERY FAST to me...I can't wait to see how the plan works!


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