May 4, 2009

Today's wish list and a few updates

I wish I would:
  • Conquer the mounding pile of laundry that keeps growing beside my bed
  • Take time and wash my very buggy car from all the road trips I took last week
  • Learn to eat breakfast before 11:00 a.m.
  • Learn to live peacefully under one roof with my kitty and not want to strangle him everymorning when he wants to play at 4:00 a.m!
  • Stop growing leg hair, among other things:p
  • Learn to hate pizza and fries
  • Overcome my fear of wasps
  • Drink more water rather then start a bottle and quit three sips into it:p (p.s, I found those crystel lite packs so this might change here shortly!
  • Play more video games then I do. I just cannot get into killing zombies and shooting the heads off of big fire ants? Ewww...This is my job however, so I found a happy medium; I bring them home and Robert demos the game for me as I watch....Brilliant:p
  • Get my butt of here and go conquer that mound of laundry growing beside my bed:p

So here is an update on a few things. As a lot of you know, we did infact win the mustang on ebay last Sunday but have not recieved it yet:( The seller is very reluctant to let go of the car which is starting to frusterate the crud out of Robert. The only reason he even put it up for auction is because his wife made him:p Apparently he is in the process of building up another car and his wife didn't want to give up the garage space for him to keep both in there. I had to laugh at this:) So he has recieved the deposit check but not the rest of the money (fedex was to have it to him two days ago) and is holding off on letting us send out a shipment company to get the car until then, understandable...

The other update is that Robert started his first day as a drill Sgt. today! I'm hoping all goes well...Since the graduation, he has just been taking it easy. He had to go in a day last week to finalize paper work, recieve an award and transfer from one company to another but other then that, not much else. I told him to enjoy it while it lasts:)

Tomorrow is my friday so I plan to cross off the first two in my wish list those days, but for now I am going to work on line three and eat before 11:00:p It is now 10:36 a.m so I better get to it! Caio


  1. ooo crystal light is the.only. way. i can drink water. try propel fitness water powder packets too........way great! im right there with ya on the laundry thing! have a great day

  2. I hope home dude let's go of that car soon. That would piss me off. So I can understand why he's getting frustrated.

    I was able to conquer my laundry yesterday so good luck to you today! Now I have to get things done because tomorrow starts my work week. EKKK

  3. Get on that list lady! :)

    My mom is obsessed with those crystal light packages. :)

    I hope Robert had a good first day today, and that you've had a nice one too!

  4. I hope you get that car soon! That would be a little scary to me.
    Hope Robert had a great first day and good luck with that laundry.
    I don't know how you do it.. being around those video games all day. I'd strangle myself. But i do have a question for you. (this is how clueless I am) Trey has a playstation 3. The only thing he wants me to get him while he's gone is the new Metallica Guitar Hero. we have old ps 2 guitars. Do I need new ones??

  5. Re: your list....ME TOO! HEHE

    Hope the hubbie's first day went well for him!

  6. Okay...could you elaborate on your video gaming job?? How cool is that?!? Well...hubs likes those games with the zombies...and I have to leave the room because the noises when they die scare me :)

  7. That is so annoying about the car! Um, when you put something up for sale, you kind of need to commmit...just my opinion.

    Hope Robert had a great first day!


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