May 10, 2009

Its legal

Well first order of business is to wish all you wonderful momma's out there a VERY happy mothers day! I know its creeping up on 9:30 p.m but I'm still legal in my wishes:p Second order of business is to thank all of you for the advise and (confirmation) of thought you left on my last post!! Robert read them as you wrote them and I think it definitely helped. He said last night that he feels he's on the right track now, its just the jobs so new and trying to find that even balance can be rough. So thank you for taking the time to give us some outsider feedback, we really appreciated it!

In another part of my world, I am beat! I had my longest run yet on friday which ended up being a grand total of 2.5 miles! I ran the first two miles on the tred (yeah thats getting old) and then took my last half a mile outdoors! This I was excited about even though I was moving pretty slow by his point. The hubs bought me a distance watch friday night because I've been mentioning that I'm REALLY getting tired of running on the tredmill and would like to move outdoors soon. I'm excited to start conditioning myself to heat, moving air, bugs and pavement:p Sounds good, huh! I know that last half a mile, up and over hills, did me in however...I've been having some really bad muscle cramps ever since saturday. My lower calves are wound up extremely tight...The hubby ran a super hot bath tonight for me with the hope that it would loosen my muscles up a bit. It seemed to work and definitely felt good! I just need to do better at drinking more water while spending more time streaching before and after my runs. Hopefully this will fix some of my problems? I'm crossing my fingers that theres a run in my future tomorrow but will be very frusterated if I can't make my legs cooperate for it. We'll see...

I also can't believe that its been over 24 hours and I haven't blogged that Robert's mustang arrived yesterday morning!!! It is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!! I plan to take some pictures tomorrow, if the weather permits, and post them for you all. Sadly, I wasn't home when he got the car so I wasn't able to capture his (little boy at christmas) facial expressions while they rolled the trailer door up and unloaded the car:( But that smile isn't going anywhere for sometime so I'll have time to get those in:p We took a small drive after I got home and you wouldn't believe all the neck snapping looks we were getting...Mostly from men around Roberts age...Theres something about watching a room full of guys around a beautiful car...They all turn into little boys with that" Ooo Ooo pick me, pick me" look of dessperation look in their eyes:p Very adorable and I cannot help but smile:)

Well ladys, turn me over cause I am DONE! That bath turned me into jello, my legs feel like grenades fixin to explode and the rest of me resembles a very large and heavy piece of meat so its time I hit the hay...I plan to spend tomorrow catching up on all your lovely blogs as I have yet another two day:p Yay me! lol...Goodnight chica's!


  1. You're very descriptive of how you look right now. You make yourself seem so sexy...large piece of meat...legs like grenades....

  2. Oh you sound exhausted! I hope that your legs are feeling better tomorrow! Get some sleep...sounds like you need it:)

  3. What a freaking fabulous weekend! Awesome job on your run. I've always found stretching helps but icing down the legs after a run can be really great to reduce cramping as well. I've done that with my shins to help prevent shin splints.

    I'm glad everything turned out well with the car and that it's everything you guys hoped for! :)

  4. Great job on the run missy! That's awesome. Keep up the hard work!!

    I can't wait to see pictures of the new car... I bet it is awesome!

    Hope your legs feel better soon ;)

  5. Good job on the run! Glad you finally got the car and I can't wait to see pictures of it!

  6. Glad you guys finally got the car! I bet he was sooo excited!! I can't wait to see pictures! I'm sure all the guys were staring.

    Congrats on running that far, I haven't been able to run for days because all it's done is rain and rain.

  7. Awesome job on the run! I hope your legs are feeling better :)

  8. Oh no no no -- no ice baths! :)

    I just take an ice cube and rub it on my shins. If I need more than that, I'll use a ziplock bag with ice in it.

  9. I cant wait to hear if Robert turns out like Jason with his Mustang. He will wash and wax it twice in one day during the summer LOL.

  10. Finally.. the car!! Awesome ~ Congrats to Robert :)
    Okay.. you resembling a large piece of meat.. your legs as grenades.. that almost put me over the edge. Too funny!
    2.5 miles = amazing

  11. Ohhh can't wait to see the pics, I am behing in reading blogs. Maybe you already have them up by now LOL. Great job on the running!


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