May 11, 2009

The Stang!

Well here she is ladies! As promised, a picture of the hubby's beautiful car...The pictures really do not do her justice! This was taken as we were leaving to go get her registered and insured today.
The other side and also a better shot of the entire car.

The handsome hubby with his "Oh yeah" smile on:)

Robert, the all american soldier standing proud beside his all american car:) But please note that this is his OTHER baby:p I'm his first, ha!
Today, I reigned myself in and took the extra day to rest my legs. It was tough because the weather was gorgeous outside and all I wanted to do was go run! I didn't even care if I made it the two miles, I just wanted to be outside doing it! However, tomorrow I should be golden and ready for a good run...So, today on my day off I:
  • Slept in until 9:15
  • Immedately logged onto blogger to catch up on ya'll's lives:)
  • Thought about eating breakfast before 11:00...didn't quite make it...
  • Played with the cat then booted his butt outside.
  • Was suprised when the hubby walked through the door at 10:45
  • Threw some clothes and shoes on with a spritz of purfume, ready to go with the hubby to register the car!
  • Ate a tuna cheese melt at Jason's Deli for breakfast/lunch.
  • Came home and took a 30 minute snoozer after the hubby headed back to work.
  • Cleaned the apartment for two hours while throwing a few loads of laundry in the mix
  • Took a shower and shaved then just waited for the hubby to get home:)

Now I'm sitting here multi tasking; blogging while watching "Son in-law" Lol, not sure if that classify's as multi tasking but hey! How was all of your mondays!


  1. I've never been a huge fan of the Mustang (please don't tell Robert, haha) But this one is quite pretty I do have to admit! =)

  2. Hot rod!!! Love it!! I'm a huge fan of old classic cars. :)

  3. That is a pretty hot car! How can you not love the classics?!?!

  4. Forget the car... I want a Jason's Deli Tuna Melt ;) Looking good!!!

  5. Dang, look at that car! It's awesome!! Jon's dad builds engines for those old classics, and boy do I love them!

    Thanks for posting the pics!

  6. What an awesome car! He looks so excited :)

  7. Ok, I do not know jack about cars...but that Stang is friggen awesome. And how adorable is the hubbie with his big ole smile driving the new car?

  8. oh my! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! the hubs looks sooo happy! thats great u finally got it! wooooo!

  9. Woohoo!!! So exciting! Great pics!

  10. He looks wayyyy excited in the car!!!
    It looks great!


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