May 12, 2009

Blazing a trail!

I know all of you are just "dying" to know how my run went today, so I'm excited to report that it was fantastic! Taking that extra day to rest really paid off...The thought of running on the tread has put me in a (blech) mood lately but I took my rear on up there because I wanted to make sure I, at least, ran my 2 miles! No back sliding for this southern girl! Well 1.5 miles into it I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get off that thing! The constant hum of the engine, the beautiful sunshine outside yet me inside, the t.v bouncing in front of me making me dizzy...Okay, so watching the Alaskan salmon lay eggs and die was pretty entertaining but it wasn't enough to keep me motivated:p So I pushed that big red "quitter" button, did the moon walk off the machine and took my happy ass outside! I managed to run an entire mile out there ladies! Granted I had to stop once, but it wasn't for any longer then 8 seconds and I was off again...Scouts honor! So count em, 1.5 miles inside and 1 mile outside, makes another 2.5 mile run since Friday! BOO YEAH
Me after my run with a celebration Popsicle:) Ummm yeah, I guess I was still feeling so hyper from my fab run that I decided to decapitate my strawberry friend:p After that and some lunch, I went to the pool in search of some good ol' fashioned sunshine!
Here is me! Outfitted with Banana Boat tanning oil, Ipod, watch, camera, and my "you could see me from Japan" beach towel...I was set! If it weren't for my very pale skin people would have thought I was a hard core tanner! Although after 20 minutes, I packed up and went home because I REALLY didn't want to be stung by that friggin red wasp that decided to make the bush beside me his home fry:)

Here I thought I'd post a picture of our club house/pool area. It looks like a manson to me:p There is a very nice gym in there (where I run) along with a business center, mini theater, yes I said theater, two tanning beds in very personable rooms, a kitchen and all kinds of sitting areas with over stuffed chairs. They even have a hot chocolate and cappuccino machine in there for use!

This was taken from my perch....Not too shabby huh? They have all kinds of flowers and bushes so it makes it really private even though your right next to the gated entrance and exit points. They have a fountain as you can see, a kiddie pool and hot tub...I keep meaning to drag Robert out to the hot tub one evening;)

Oh, I almost forgot...Sending a shout out to Lola for the advise on using ice after I run! I immediately took two cubes when I was done and ran them up and down and all over my calves/knees to help the swelling...Not only did it help but it felt fabulous! I wasn't expecting it to feel so garsh darn nice:p Thanks girl!


  1. congrats on the excellent run. great job. the only way i can run on my treadmill here is with my MP3 player sooo loud with all great music. try it....its the best!ive never had any problems with my legs getting tight so im glad someone had advice on what to do!sorry if my comments are short--my computer is acting crazy so if i seem short, just know its not my fault! congrats again girl keep it up!
    ps-thanks for the comment the other day! :)

  2. very beautiful pool area/clubhouse! =)

  3. Nice run girl! Way to go!!!

    That pool looks A-mazing! I bet it was so nice to soak up some sun!

  4. That pool and clubhouse look really nice! I wish we had something like that!

  5. The pool area looks nice! Way to go on the run!

  6. Can we say jealous?! I completely am. I need a day like that lol.

  7. if only i could transport myself through the computer to that amazing pool scene ~ i'd be there in a flash!! j-e-a-l-o-u-s! You deserved it after that killer run though :)
    I see you learned how to do the strike out thing. Be prepared for me to overuse that quite often in my posts now!

  8. WOW! I am sooo jealous of the pool/getting some sunshine! It isn't "pool season" in DC yet.. apparently despite the nice weather, most open after memorial day. boo. Thanks for the love, by the way! :) I'm glad your runs have been getting better!

  9. Hello again! I am back blogging and wanted to know if you wanted an invite? just email me! Oh we got our orders today and we should be there July 12th!

    (American in Italy)

  10. I love the fact that you eat popsicles b/c I could eat a whole box in one sitting! :) haha.. You are so gorgeous girl! :) And that pool..ahhh, I'm jealous! I'm actually here at Ft. Benning for the week..well, I'm leaving this afternoon after graduation. I hope you have a fabulous day!

  11. Your pool area looks fabulous!!!

    And you're soooo pretty!!


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