May 7, 2009

Drill Sgt. first three days

So I hadn't seen Robert in two days up until last night and thats such a weird feeling because we both live under the same roof! I know, I know...We both knew it was coming to this, but now that we're here, it just seems so wrong! This is how the past few days have gone: We both go to bed on Sunday night, ready for the work week on Monday. Robert's alarm goes off at 3:45 a.m, Monday morning, he pops out of bed, throws on his PT gear and quickly kisses my forehead as I struggle to get out a sleepy "I love you" before he leaves.

Monday night I come home at about 11:45 p.m to the sound of his heavy breathing in the bedroom. I go in, kiss his forehead and whisper "Love you babe." Then head to bed myself...

Tuesday, please repeat monday but only on Tuesday:p

So you can imagine how nice it was to have yesterday off knowing that I would get to see Robert and actually talk to him before it was bedtime! I cooked us a nice meal accompanied with waldorf salad for dessert and was still working on it when he came through the door at about 6:30. I immediately wanted to hear about his first three days so while I chopped and stired he filled me in. Apparently the privates are already responding to him and wanting to earn his respect which I totally understand because Robert takes the Army very seriously and his job seriously so through that he demands respect and seems to be getting it. I had no doubts about this, just his ability to keep that mean muggin face on all day long:p Well turns out that hasn't been a problem either:p
On his second day one of the platoon leaders told Robert to go out into the hall and scuff the privates up...This is not something Robert is foreign to, as he is/was an NCO, but he asked the platoon leader what they did wrong.

Patoon Leader: "Nothing, you just need to go out there and tell them that you might be new but show them not to **** with you." Lol, Robert just smirked, spun on his heel and entered the hallway yelling...I have to say this is a side of Robert that I have never seen before so it is strange to hear these stories, but I am really proud of him and the fact that he's fitting right in. His platoon leader gave him his approval yesterday, meaning that Robert had made the transition smoothly and that he's doing just fine. Phew!

During combatives yesterday Robert had all the privates wanting to fight him and ladies you should have seen the bruises he came home with! Apparently most of them were telling another private that they couldn't get anything on Drill Sgt., that all they could do was hold for dear life:p Those bruises are of the after math I'm guessin:p Apparently he's a PT stud in their eyes now which makes him happy because in the Drill Sgt. world a private never has anything on you and never to go babe! Although the poor guy is losing his voice, ekkk! Not such a good thing in this new line of work:p Note to self: Go buy hubby some cough drops and lemon tea...

They get all kinds there. I was shocked when Robert told me that he has a former NFL football player and the graphic designer that worked on the movies Iron man and one other major movie (the name espaces me) as his privates! Wow, just goes to show you, that even though they made it in life, they still want to serve their country and that makes me proud...

There is so much more I could share but this post is already long enough so I will wait until a later date! I get to see the hubs again tonight so yay me! Just want to say "thank you" to all my readers for your time spent on my blog and your left comments, they REALLY make my day:)


  1. yay for an awesome first few days for your hubby! :) Thanks for following my blog, I'm excited to keep up with yours as well! You two are just TOO stinkin' adorable! I love all of the wedding pics you have up!! You're so beautiful! Can't wait to read more...have a happy Thursday gorgeous lady! :)

  2. So glad to hear he had a good first day! I know you must be very proud of him :) Enjoy your night with him home!

  3. That's cool! I'm glad your husband is doing well in his new job! :)

  4. Aww it sounds like he and the two of you are doing great and adjusting well :)

  5. Aw, that's great! I'm glad he's enjoying it and doing well!!

  6. Well I am really glad that you guys got to spend an evening together! Sorry for the crazy schedules you have been having.

    And I am so glad to hear that your husband is enjoying his new job! There's nothing better than loving what you do!

    Hope you have a great day!

  7. my husband was more than likely going to be DA selected for drill sgt, so we went ahead and volunteered for recruiter duty, he graduates from fort jackson in two weeks! i'm glad he's adjusting well to his new job:)

  8. Holy cow what a cool job, haha! My hubby is way too much of a softy to do that. He would need your hubby around to straighten everyone up!!

    Glad he is enjoying it and doing SOOO well at it!!

  9. SO glad your hubbie is doing so well in his new job. It's not easy work but it sounds like he is very succesfful at it and he loves it. His vocal chords will get used to the yelling, it just takes some time. Tea wiht honey is a wonderful remedy!


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