May 20, 2009

Suspicion confirmed....Ick!

This is going to be a short post as I am headed out the door for a run...I never did make that mile yesterday running but instead walked the 2 mile loop. I figured the Garmin was going to track you walking or running so it really didn't matter:p It did a pretty good job after it finally found my signal. I think I pressed some wrong buttons because for the first .25 miles it was having a hard time finding my location. But after I reset it to default settings it worked beautifully! So today I'm going to really put it to use for the first time since Robert got back from Iraq:p

But on another note, I'd just like to say, "when it rains, it pours." I had suspicions of this last night but thought I'd wait until the morning to be sure and what did I wake up to? PINK EYE! Ugggg...All red, itchy, sore, mattery, eyes...But even still I am rather happy today! The cramping has stopped and my feverish cold has boiled over into pretty much a simmer, so now I just need to get over this and I'm back to my normal self! I've made a doctors appointment for 3:30 to be prescribed eye drops, so by tomorrow, I should be right as rain:) I promise to stop posting about my sickly self after today:p Hope your all have a wonder day!


Why do I always forget to sign off with my neat little signature! I go and publish my post then immediately have to go back and edit to add the signature:p Is there a way you can have it automatically do this for you? Would make my life blogging much easier:)


  1. Aw sorry about the pink eye! Hope it gets better soon.

    And to answer your question(s), Yes, i am a graphic designer. And I actually REALLY love it. Warning you though, if you don't work for yourself make sure you like the people you work for! It makes a huge difference haha! (That goes for any job though really.)

    Its not a hard job field to get in to b/c (depending on where you go to school) they make you pretty well rounded in all aspects of graphic design (web, print, logo, advertising, etc...) Therefore you have a ton of options open at all times.

    It took me 4.5 years to finish my Bachelor's degree but that's because i switched schools twice during the process. You can go to grad school for it but i learned everything i needed at SCAD.

    I am warning you though, when you start out in an art or design program, they make you take a lot of fine art core classes first (drawing, painting, 3d design, etc...) and most people think "oh art majors don't do half as much work as general ed. majors" but that's COMPLETELY not true. Its a lot of work and very critical at times. But very fun =)

    I won't take up your whole comment space, just let me know if you have anymore questions :-)

  2. yea there is actually. go to setting under formatting and scroll down to the bottom. see that box? paste the code for your signature there. it will automatically ahow up when you go to post a new post. :)

    hope your eye gets better--the meds will work wonders! Have a good run!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Can't wait to hear how your run went with the Garmin!

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry you woke up with pink eye. That's not cool!
    I'm glad to hear that the watch is working out!

  5. Your running anything is better then me sitting here on my bum. Hehe

    I am sorry you have pink eye. :( Before I became a flight attendant I worked at a daycare and ALL the time the kids had it. : x

    I LOVE your siggie!

  6. Ewww pinkeye, huh?! ugh... nasty stuff! Better not spiral into swine flu! YUCK! tee hee... feel better darlin! Love your new signature! =)

  7. Eeek! I hope your eye feels better soon.

  8. ew ill take vomit over pink eye any day. its the crustiness that gets me. hope your aok tomorrow!

  9. Pink Eye?! Oh that sucks! At least your body is freaking out on you all at once...then you can get it out of your system and not get sick during summer!

    Thank you for the sweet comments about Kuma! I'm so happy she's home safe:)

  10. Pink Eye.... no! That's just the pits!
    But at least your cold is going away and you are feeling a little better. I hope it goes away soon!
    Hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

  11. I hope you get over all your ailments and illnesses soon!

  12. Gross to pinkeye. I can't handle the eye puffer at the optometrist, so I can't IMAGINE pink eye!!

    I heart HEART heart my Garmin watch!! Take 2 minutes and look at the manual if you still have it, otherwise just keep pushing mode and enter to find out all of the awesome components, like virtual running buddy, pace-setter, and so much more! ENJOY!

  13. Aww I'm sorry, I hope it goes away soon!

  14. Oh no!! That's the worst!! Get better soon!!!

  15. Darlin you're new digs look great but the newest blog "I wouldn't change a thing" isn't available for viewing- like you deleted it! hmmm... =( ????

  16. Hope the pinkeye gets better fast!

    Love the new layout! :)


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