September 8, 2010

5k In Four Weeks And Vegas!

Hey ya'll!!

I think I'm correct in saying that a lot of you haven't been seeing my blog posts right? I just realized that when I switched my IP name, that you guys would have to as well, in your google reader, in order to still follow me. So I decided to switch back because I miss you all!!! Even my own sister was asking me where my blog went...I guess thats when I figured it out! So I was always, and still, here but I am back offically:)

You really haven't missed much though...I had the makeover done and wrote just a few posts then dropped off the blog'o'sphere. I took a job as a store manager and that has been keeping me SOO busy. But, I have been running!!!

In just four weeks I am scheduled to run my first 5k with my sister in-law and hubby in Phoenix, AZ!!! It has been so hard training for it with this new job though. But finally today, I was driving the 40 minutes home from work, and told myself that I just needed to buckle down and do it no matter how tired I was. So I did! I got home, threw on my runners, some shorts and a T and took off...I was shooting for 4 miles but only made it three before my hip flexors started acting up. They have always been my down fall in running. It honestly starts to feel like I'm all rusted up like the tin man:) Any advise on helping this out would be great!?!? I will be running every day that I possibily can before the run. With the heat and terrain, I'm a little frightened that I might fallout if I don't! But wish me luck if you think about it:)

In more exciting news, right after the 5k in Phoenix, R and I are headed to Vegas for three wonderful nights! We are meeting up with his best friend, who lives there, and my sister who is flying in for that part of the vacation. I am BEYOND excited. We have booked our room at the HardRock Hotel, just shy of the main strip and the room is GORGEOUS! I have never been to Vegas as an adult, but only as a kid passing through with my family so this is going to be an experience!


  1. The hard rock is a wonderful place! If you get a chance, check out the buffet in the Bellagio- it's amazing. For your hip flexors, have you tried a foam roller? Both for the flexors themselves and for your glutes. For women (esp women who run), the glutes getting tight can cause an imbalance in the flexors and change your stride. :-) Youtube search the foam roller.

  2. Vegas is so much fun! We went last March and stayed at the MGM Grand. You'll have a blast!

  3. Have a great time in Vegas!!! Glad to hear you're doing good!

  4. I just came to your bloggy the other day to check and see if you've written anything lately! Good like with the 5k and have a BLAST in Vegas.

  5. Keep up the great work! I'm certain you have a lot of people pulling for you.

    I gave your blog an award! Just stop by my blog to accept it.


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