September 21, 2010

5k Update

Wow, this 5k has really snuck up on a girl! I cannot believe I have just 19 more days, then its off to Arizona...Ekk! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. This is my very first race and I am stressing out. The sad truth is that I love to run but I'm still out of shape. Because of that, I am painfully slow runner:( With the weather cooling off though, I am feeling my motivation coming back! It has certinally helped that R is running consistently again too. Last night he got out and ran with me where I completed 3 miles! I think I've said this before but R promised me, a long time ago, that if I make 6 miles and run that consistently, he would buy me a 405 Garmin...AWWWWESOME! I have wanted one of those ever since I got into running in '09 so I am determined to meet this challenge and get that watch! Maybe for christmas!?!?! Hubby, if you're reading I know that a lot of you have them and I am so jealous. No really! I love knowing stats while I'm running. It really keeps me going if I can see how close I am to making my milage for the day. The pace keeper bit just depresses me, but I know I will get faster and being a calorie burning junkie on top of a visual person I know I will love the "how many calories burned" feature. Imagining those calories and fat cells burning alive in there does a lot for me! I replay those Mucinex commercials in my head but imagine those disgusting blobs of mucus as fat! Have any of you seen those commercials and know what I am talknig about??? A weird moment brought to you by me:)

I am off to start my day! It is a little past 11:00 a.m and I still have not showered or eaten breakfast. R is out getting his hair cut and renting a carpet cleaner. Yes, we are both off for the day and doing stuff like cleaning the house and shampooing our carpets. Pathetic, I know! But it is necessary:) I hope all of you are enjoying this cooler weather and the outdoors. I will do a few more blog posts before Arizona to keep y'all updated on my progress, so wish me luck!


  1. Haha! SoldierMan has had 2 days off this week and our "big" plans have been exercising and cleaning the house. Being an adult stinks. :p


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