September 26, 2010

E Harmony, Oh yes I did!

What do you ladies think about E Harmony? Have any of you found your partner or know someone who has, dating through E Harmony or some other site?

A few days ago I did the meddling sister thing and put my sister M, on E Harmony without her knowledge...Bad, I know! I have told her since then, due to my husbands logic and threats of telling her himself:p She is skeptical and bummed that its come to this but open to the possibility of finding a true match here...

This is M and I on the day I got married...Such a beautiful person inside and out and I love her to death...A little background about my sister. She just turned 30 and is such a sweetheart, but most of her life she has devoted it to taking care of others including our parents, up until recently, while sacrificing a personal life of her own. She has always worked in the medical field and just graduated with her EMT IV license back in May, another example of her selflessness. I love my sister for who she is, but I'm so tired of watching her go through life a lone and lonely...I just want to see her taking more of an active interest in finding her man! She has this crippling romantic idea in her head that he is just going to sweep into her life someday and take her with him...While this does and can happen, my only argument is that M does not put herself in the path of available men for that to happen...She spends ALL of her time with either family or her job...Occasionally she goes out but its never to a public place. More along the lines of a river and good hiking path. Her jobs do not help either. They are mostly female dominated. Well, I'm sure once she gets a job with her EMT license that will change. She was engaged once, 9 years ago, but even she will admit that wasn't too well thought out. It ended shortly after it began. She hasn't been in a relationship since, nor has she been on ONE date...She's had men approach her but she's either not been interested or those men turned out not to be available. She deserves so much more then this and a real romance! M is SO ready to be a wife and a mother. I know I'm bias, but I couldn't think of anyone who would be more worthy of both... M was made for this and it just breaks my heart to see her year after year, a lone:( I really want to see her happy and living all of these things and soon...

What are your thoughts ladies? Do you agree that she needs to start putting herself out there, or do you think her dream will come true; that this man is going to just come waltzing into her life? I would love this for her more then anything, but I still think she needs to start making an effort...


  1. OK, so I can't give you personal experience because my husband and I met in high school, however my family has taken to the online dating world.

    My mother is celebrating her 2nd anniversary with a guy from EHarmony.

    One brother was just engaged to a girl who he met on Match.

    Another bro met a girl on MySpace and they are pregnant with their first child.

    A third brother has been on virtually all the sites, but has had no luck. That may say more about him than the sites, but that is another topic.

    So to answer your question; 3 out of 4 of my family members have succeeded with these dating sites. I'd say those are pretty good odds.

    Just make sure she is careful.

  2. My husband and I met on, so I'm all for it! I also have friends who have met their spouses through sites like that. I definitely think your sister needs to know that you put her on there, but I agree with you that she needs to put herself out there a bit more. If she's always with her family, she's never going to meet single guys! I used to have that idea that I would magically meet some guy with no effort and he would sweep me off my feet and we'd have a fairy tale life. It doesn't work that way and if you don't make an effort to meet people, they're not just going to magically appear.

    I liked the idea of online dating because I didn't want to meet someone at a bar and I'm a teacher, so I work with mostly women (not that I'd want to date where I work anyway). I signed up for 6 months, was on there for 1, went on a few dates with other guys before I met my husband, and then he contacted me through the site, we went on a date, and that was it!

    Good luck to your sister and keep us posted! I hope she finds a great guy!

  3. I think it's a great idea! One of my friends from high school met her husband on there....and they've been featured in a few of eharmony's commercials (the ones with the old man...). They couldn't be happier :)

  4. My sister met her husband on E-harmony and they have been married a little over 2 years now. She had a funny relationship with the site. She was also in her 30's and had a hard time putting herself in places to meet guys. She was a recovering alcoholic/drug addict so bars were out of the question. And, between her job in sales, her meetings, and her family, she just didn't have much time to put herself out there. She hated the idea of having to resort to online dating, but she didn't know anything else to do really. She would start up the site, keep it up for a few weeks and then take it back down. She must have done this for two years. But, I know that she eventually had luck.. and probably would have much sooner had she just stuck with it.

  5. P and I met a year and a half ago thanks to eHarmony. I have at least two other friends who are married to guys they met via eHarmony.

    I think it's worth a shot. Tell your sister to go with her gut and if it doesn't feel right, don't meet the guy. I canceled the only other date I had planned after P and I had our first date.

    So good luck to her!!

  6. One of my best friends met his girlfriend on EHarmony and they are perfect for each other!! Most EMT services (EMS) are usually mostly guys. EMS is a very "masculine" field. I am a Paramedic and have been for 5 years - I work more with men than women. I say that to say - she's cute! Let her get into the field and someone will scoop her up real quick!!! TRUST ME!!!


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