March 22, 2010

Missing: Brilliant Title...

A lot happening in this little part of my world! Last week, bright and early, I drove the six hours back to my hometown, spending five wonderful and much needed days with family. There I got to meet my families newest bundle of joy...I know I might be bias, being her proud aunt and all, but no...She is the most beautiful thing! Take a look and tell me you don't agree!?!?

Looking at how precious she is!!! And all those adorable milk bubbles shes sporting??? What a cutie pie:) Almost makes me want to have one earlier then planned...Almost:)

During that same week, hand over heart, R stood in front of his company commander pledging another six years to this country he serves and to the Army...Sadly, I was not able to make his re-enlistment, but was happy to hear that his 1st. Sgt. and fellow drills did, looking head on with big smiles:) Kind of like this one, I'm guessing?

Did you know that you, as a spouse, gets a certificate of appreciation?? I actually think that's neat...What do I think is even cooler??? The fact that we got to list three of our choice picks for future duty stations! The first pick was Germany, of course, then Hawaii and Colorado. I would be happy with either one, but could really get excited over three years in Europe...Who wouldn't! I get super jazzed when I see change of scenery in my near future (12 months to be exact)...What better life, then the military, to support my habit of travel;)

Approximately two weeks ago my sister M asked me a question that I can't really talk about just yet, but if all goes as we hope, I will be one happy girl by the time July rolls around!

R and I have decided to move out of our cozy one bedroom apartment and into a house! He needs a garage for all his toys and I need a backyard for my puppy...I recently helped move a friend last month into a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath home and was so taken with the idea of having a place like that of our own...Don't get me wrong, the place we live now it great and I've loved spending our first year married here...But its time...

R graduated his last cycle of soldiers on Friday and now has a three month break! Easter week, we are taking advantage of this time, and going to Gatlinburg, TN, for 4 nights, spending every morning and evening here:

That's right! Our very own secluded cabin, deep in the heart of Tennessee's beautiful Smokey Mountains...They call it "Chasing Moonbeams." I think the name is what sold me;) This is a much needed break for us both and I cannot wait to be sitting on that wood chair, feet propped up, drinking a piping hot cup'o' joe...

There's yet another big change coming my way, however, I'm choosing to sit on it for another few days...But for now I will leave you with this...My latest obsession! Verizon's Droid Eris...
We are resigning in April, so I need to make a decision on want phone I want to be stuck with for the next two years...My biggest complaint is its all touch...But I've been playing with this phone on my lunch breaks (I work at a mall) for the past two weeks and I love it!!! I seriously could see myself never putting it down...Could be a bad thing?!?!

Have a great Tuesday y'all!! I'm off to pay some attention to my google reader:)


  1. What a cutie pie! I love her head of hair. :) Congrats on re-uping. And good luck on the house search!

  2. Your niece is absolutely beautiful! Look at all of that hair!

    I'd love to spend a week in the Smokey Mountains! I can't even imagine how beautiful they must be! SO jealous!

  3. I am loving your blog design - The squirrel on the side is my favorite. I LOVE them!

    What an adorable baby girl! TOO precious... AND, wow, your vaca looks like it is going to be heaven. ENJOY!

  4. When do you guys find out where you're headed? That'd be awesome if you came to Europe. :)

  5. a - thanks for tipping the karma scale back to my favor :)

    b - your niece is DARLING!!

    c - Germany would be AWESOME!!!

    and d- that cabin looks incredible. Enjoy every second of it!!!

  6. what an adorable lil munchkin! :)
    The Eris huh? If I were to go towards a droid I'd prolly get that one but I didn't like the letters when you were texting they weren't separated enough for my fat fingers... but good luck! :) can't wait to hear about your 'other' news or where you guys wind up. :)

  7. She is so cute! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to move where you want to.

  8. That cabin looks great and PF/Gatlinburg is always a blast! I'm totally crossing my fingers for you on your top choices. My good friend is pcs'ing to Hawaii this summer so if you end up there, you guys could meet up!

  9. You'll LOVE Germany if you get it! I've been here since last Monday and my husband has been here since November and I already fell in love with it here!

  10. Cute new blog! Aww I'm so tickled you were inspired by my house, I really appreciate your help. Let me know when you are looking and I'll help you out.

    Remind me the days for me to watch Bella too, I know you'll have an awesome vacation.

    Talk to you soon! :)

  11. All three of your choices on your PCS list are fantastic locations. They've been permanent fixtures on ours, as well as Italy...we just seem to keep rotating through them :) Good luck on the future assignments.

  12. I just found your lovely blog! And added yours to my blog roll at Goodnight moon! I have to warn you, its under MAJOR's so BLECK!

    Anyways....congrats on being a new auntie to that sweet little yummy baby girl...and congrats on the re-enlistment! The military as you know, has ups AND downs.

    From a fellow military wife:)


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