May 13, 2010

You're Appreciated!

Hello blog land!

This is going to be quick, but wanted to drop in and say hello to all my followers, new and old! It continues to amaze me how people like what I write and, more so, that ya'll stick with me through my long absences! Ya'll make me smile, truly, and are very appreciated!!!

Life here in Georgia has been hectic and not so fun this past week...I don't really want to say much because I'd love to write a decent post on it and get feedback from you all...You all take the time to really search yourselves and give good advise so I can't wait to get it posted and live for your reading! More to come...

I mentioned sometime ago that the hubz and I are wanting to rent a house for the remainder of our time here....After two months of hard looking I think I've found the place! We dropped off our application yesterday and are waiting for the green light...So pray we get it!

Exciting news here! One of my older sisters who I'm very close to is moving down here! We've had this in the works for severel weeks and its finally coming together...This is another reason for the house...She is moving in with R and I and we couldn't be happier! R likes it because I'll have someone for the next year while he is off playing big bad drill sgt:p I love it because I miss my family so much! It will be nice to have a sister with me:)

Also, I know this is very late, but I wanted to wish all of you mothers out there a very happy belated mothers day! I hope it was a relaxing and beautiful day full of being appreciated!

I'm going to try and write a few more posts before things get crazy with moving, but if not, definitely expect to hear from me in three to four weeks after we're in our new place!



  1. That's great that your sister is moving closer to you. Best of luck with the house!

  2. congrats on the new house! hope everything goes smoothly for you guys! So excited that your sister is moving closer!!!

  3. I'm glad you're back! :) And fingers crossed that the new house works out.

  4. I been waiting for the news.... i'll keep my fingers crossed the house works out! :)

  5. I'm sure it will be very nice to have some family living close to you!!!

    You have an award on my blog. :)

  6. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the green light for the house! It's nice to have family with you especially if the hubs is gone! =)

    You also have an award on my blog as well. =)

  7. Hi there! Found you on the milspouse blog hop! I look forward to following you on this crazy journey as a military spouse! I'm at: if you'd like to visit my blog :)


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