January 20, 2010

My Only Reason??? I Can't Get a Tan...

This Saturday it will have been three weeks since I began operation live healthy, loose weight. So far??? I've been having a really good time! I know, I know...Don't hate me for saying that. And also, don't get the wrong idea! There have been days were I think this sucks. I mean come on, cutting calories and turning a blind eye to the foods we like best is no easy task! But there's nothing better then weigh in morning. when you wake up and the first thing you do is climb on your scale, holding absolutely still, while anxiously waiting for that magic number. You know, the one you've been working so hard towards that whole week??? When you finally get it, Your whole body seems to smile! You feel great. Nothing can bring you down... You have to agree because I know you know what I'm talking about!!! Dieting is hard people, but its also worth every second for those moments...In my opinion:) These past three weeks I have really come a live. My body feels better in every way! I noticed today that, since I've started, I haven't taken one nap!!! If you knew me, you'd know how much I love/need naps and how jaw dropping this is...My body gets so tired sometimes...Its weird. even on days where I haven't done anything really...I now know that my diet has been the problem all along...Also I've realized that I have a kick ass metabolism! I've just been burying it so heavily in fats, carbs and calories that it can never catch up! Taking the time to track my nutrition and research the foods that I eat has opened my eyes to this. I think it would be safe to say that I was on a 4,000 calorie diet a day, easy...Kinda makes me feel sorry for the poor little guy! I can visualize him working so hard for me and what do I do???? Treat him like crap and feed him crap...Well I'm done...This switch is for life...It feels so good to have a plan and a goal again...Just today, I felt something switch inside me. I had a serious want to be built! To be one of those girls that people look at and think "wow" she must workout...I see girls like that a lot and I immediately think how much I suck and how I'm wasting my best years on doing nothing to get there too! So far I've lost a total of five pounds in the past 2.5 weeks! After I loose this last 8 pounds, I'm onto operation get built...No joke! I'm really excited to start this journey and see where it takes me...Who knows, body competitions might even be in my future! Okay, not really...Lol... But only because I would never want to be that solid. Okay, that's a lie. The real reason is I cannot get a tan to save my life! When have you ever seen a competitor without a tan???? HELLO!

I'll leave you with that and say "thanks for listening y'all." I'm gonna call it an evening before much later. Hubs is dragging me to Atlanta tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m! About a 1.5 hour drive from here. Yeah, as much as I like naps I also like to sleep in! 4:00 a.m comes early, so nite everyone and I hope your week is going just as well as mine, if not better!

P.S, Here is the link to my newest vlogs over at Sparkpeople, incase your interested in hearing how much I say "ummm" in the space of five minutes:p


  1. Good job! Consistency is the key :)

  2. Make sure you reward yourself with a weekend nap every once in awhile. Naps are healthy too.

  3. That's awesome! I'm glad to hear it's going so well!

  4. Good for you! I'm in the same boat you are and you're right, nothing feels better than when you step on that scale and the numbers are down!


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