January 25, 2010

Our Very Own Hurt In A Box...P90X!

Two days ago R and I made a decision that will hopefully change our lives and bodies forever! We hopped on the P90X band wagon with complete abandon never thinking to look back! We had discussed it for a few weeks, hemming and hawing because of the $125.00 it takes to get the program. Not to mention the cost of weights and a pull up bar. These are a must have to complete this program. Well yesterday, our very own hurt in a box showed up all pretty and sealed ready to be used. No time like the present! So after a quick trip to the PX for some weights, which I love! We commenced operation P90X!

Okay, but real quick, gonna take a detour and show you these AWESOME weights we got. Because they're so cool! Already I'm sounding like a fitness nerd, but I don't care:) These are the new dumb bells from Bow Flex! Or at least they're new to me:) This is how they look in the stand. Each one weighing in at 52.5 pounds.

NOW, the cool thing is, these weights can go from 5lbs to 52.5lbs all with just the turn of a dial!!!! So in a nut shell, you have a complete set of weights all in just two dumb bells and not a whole rack taking up space! How AWESOME is that!!! Okay, moving on:)

So, yesterday was our first day working the program and guys...It hurts...But its so good! This is a fitness challenge that is broken up into 90 days. By the end, supposedly, your a lean mean muscle machine! R and I both took our "before" photos and yes, that was depressing but I can't wait to see the transformation! I'm really hoping to come away from this with bigger shoulders and arms, a tight butt and some nice muscled legs...P90X promises this as long as I keep pushing play and BRING IT each time! Lol...I'll definitely give ya'll up dates and will certainly post our 1,30,60 and 90 day photos when we're done! Hope this wasn't too boring, but I'm just really pumped! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday:)



  1. I'm so excited to hear more and moer about what you think of this, I've been comptemplating buying it also.

  2. I know some people who do this program and they say it's awful but works sooooo great! Good luck!!!!!!

  3. Good luck! You will no doubt be getting a great workout!

  4. Yay! A fellow P90Xer! Remember: Do your best, and forget the rest!


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