December 31, 2010

How Facebook Says I Spent My Year!

Forgive me followers, for I have sinned. It has been 3 months since my last blog! Not only that but it is New Years Eve! Are we really a clock spin away from 2011!?!? The other day I was doing my normal thing on Facebook and I stumbled onto an application where Facebook sums up your entire year in status posts---It was actually very enlightening for me. My sister made a good point. That it gives you insight into the type of a person you are by showing you what you focused on and what your all around attitude was during 2010? So here is my year in a nut shell, says Facebook...

Feeling lazy today but I should and need to be productive! The way I'm
feeling, I'll be lucky to get showered??? Argh, Hate these days!~I am totally
wasting this day off and I hate it!!! But can't seem to get motivated to do
anything...Grocery shopping and cleaning the house would be a good start...Would
someone like to lend me a kick in the hiney?~Going for my first run in a good
while this evening!!! Wish me luck...I', cringing already about how much I'm
going to suck from where I was...Ekk!~really wish I had a good mountain to hike
today...Instead, I'm off to work where there are no windows to let the gorgeous
day shine in! Maybe a good thing I can't be out in it!?!?~Mountain biking at
Flatrock! Looks like rain!? Ain't skeered of a little mud;)~"Hi, my name is
Rebekah G******* and I am a flip-flop-aholic"~Definitely need run tonight after
this day is over! Stress is the pits!~Going stir crazy!~I love when I can have a
surprise!!! Waiting on the hubby to get home so I can be like a kid and watch him
open it!!! I might even help him tear the wrapping:p So, I've been talking into
a half marathon in March, ekk! Okay it didn't take too much prodding:p I've been
wanting to do this for sometime! Anyone wanna join!?!~Oh my goodness, thank you
all for ALL the birthday wishes!!! Rob took me out for hibachi and sushi and
bought me a gorgeous dish set that I have been wanting for a year!!! Still not
sure how he did it because it required a membership to Costco, which we do not
have...At any rate, my creamy chicken tacos looked amazing on them tonight! My
sis Mary also bought me gorgeous peal earrings!!! Great day:)~Sun dried tomatoes
in a grilled chicken salad, wow!

I really liked this summery of my year. I think it really shows what an active and motivated individual I am and that I love being outdoors! It also shows my random goofy side but that I also have days where I could use a jump start even. I noticed I used exclamation points quite a lot but even that rings truth about the type of person I am; excitable and loving life...Most days:)

Here are some pictures and comments about 2010 that Facebook didn't share, however, that I would like to---

In spring of 2010 I went white water rafting with R for the first time and fell in love!

That same trip I enjoyed a cozy cabin adventure with R in the foot hills of the great smokey mountains

In 2010 we moved from our cozy 1 bedroom apartment into a house with a yard for Bella!

Shortly after, we adopted this cutie pie...R says shes 3/4 German Shepard and Pit bull and 1/4 tard hound, but we love her!

2010 brought a nice promotion to STORE MANAGER back in September! This picture
really has no relation other then the fact that I am always on my phone now;)

I ran my first 5k in Phoenix, AZ! The race for the cure was such an awe inspiring experience and one that I was so proud to be apart of! Jordan Sparks mother even opened with a speech before the race which I thought was very nice...

Right after the race! I met my goals of not stopping and not being the last to finish so I was feeling pretty happy at this moment...

I visited my first winery in the foothills of Sedona, AZ!

Sedona, AZ...I loved all the red clay!

I saw the bright lights of Vegas!

I ate the biggest most amazing soft pretzel under the canopy's of Ceasers Palace

R and I had so much fun in Vegas and definitely had our drinking goggles on!

We celebrated one of the most beautiful Christmas I can remember! It even snowed making the day so magical...

And R spoiled me rotten with these!!!

And this!!!! Oh yes, some of you might remember that I have been asking for a Garmin since I started this whole running journey! R made my entire year with this gift...I am taking it out for a spin this afternoon in fact!

And finally, R and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on December 27th, a few days after such a wonderful Christmas...It was such a beautiful year babe and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else. Here is to 2011 and another spectacular year!!!

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  1. Happy New Year lady!! looks like a great year... Here's to an even better 2011!


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