August 24, 2009

A Tub of Ice Cream Later and I'm Still Not Pooping Rainbows...

So does stuffing your face with ice cream, Oreo cookies and chips all day while trying to motivate yourself to do ANYTHING classify as a state of depression? Well whatever it is, I'm not liking it...It all started with my sister, Mary, surprising Robert and I with a visit this weekend...I was so excited! I haven't seen any of my family since late April and I'm really starting to miss them all! She left yesterday evening and ever since I've been nothing but down in the dumps...This morning I slept in until 10:00 even though my body was ready to get up at 7:00. I just didn't want to "get up." Once I did, I took Bella out to relieve herself and managed to build enough enthusiasm to smile and talk in a happy voice while she ran around and played with her ball. Once we got back in the house I plopped my butt down on the couch with ice cream and Oreo cookies while I downed my gloomy mood with good ol' Lifetime...The thing about being down is the more you ignore the things you should be doing so you can feed your mood, the more it puts you in a bad mood! For instance, I should have washed my car today, did some laundry, and got in a run earlier then what I did...However, even though I stuck my head in the sand over these things I was really happy with myself that I managed to take Bella to the park for her 2 mile walk, then go back an hour later and run 2 miles myself:) I'm still eating this damn ice cream but maybe that run was just what I needed to start feeling just a bit better...Anyone else struggle with missing your family and having days like this? What do you do to jump start yourself OUT of those moods?!?


  1. I ride the mood out. But honestly since having kids they beat the mood out of you.

  2. We had family in the other week and I was a little bit mopey after they left. It passed within a day or two. But I find when family comes around, it always makes me miss being around family more.

  3. I COMPLETELY understand! Living overseas it gets so depressing not being near my family, and I am still learning how to shake it and live this new life without them. It's hard, but I really do think exercise is the key. I know it makes me feel better to exercise and get out of the house, even though it is difficult to get motivated, you just have to do it!

    I DO think that everyone deserves a bad day every once in a while, though. You're allowed to pout and eat ice cream and oreos. So don't feel bad about that, just think, tomorrow it's going to be a great day and make yourself get out there and enjoy it.

  4. I feel like that about working out and eating right. Some days when I just blow it or don't work out...I feel awful the next as soon as I get up I'm disappointed in myself for what I did the day before.

    So...I try to remember during the day how great it will be to wake up in the morning and be proud of what you did! What a great feeling :)

  5. When I was away from my family the thing I use to always do to take my mind off of it was clean.

  6. I know just what you mean. I've had entire days when I knew if I did just one thing productive, I would feel better, but I just couldn't. When it was that bad, I just gave into it; stayed in PJs, watched a movie in the morning and then played video games in the afternoon, read a book in bed at night. The next day would be better and I'd feel more on track.
    Hang in there.

  7. Well daughter, I think a bit of ice cream & oreo's is a good start to getting over the mopie's. I think you do darn good at the life adjustments that are made as you become a Mrs. We are proud of you at how much love & energy you have put into making such a wonderful home for your hubby. And it is so exciting to see how much our son loves you and how happy you make him like how many times he has said you surprised him with a dinner at work and other little things you do, (that's a pretty special wifey). And how great your writing is and getting better all the time. And how awesome you are for starting self studies on projects that interest you. And... well I could go on, but I hope you get the idea. You are doing great and are a very special daughter and wifey.
    We love you.
    mom G

  8. Ice Cream helps - That automatically makes me happy!

    But for me, I just wait till the mood to pass. If you try to do stuff that normally makes you happy while you are in a bad mood, it will just annoy you.

    Take a nap, wake up later and hopefully you will be refreshed and all better!

  9. I'm sorry your down:( can't say I bLame you though, if I were you I would miss me too!


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