September 11, 2009

Noddin my head like, yeah. Movin my hips like, yeah.

So while I'm waiting for the chicken to unthaw for dinner, mid'as'well make use of my time and say hello to all of you beautiful chica's out there! I hope everyone is doing just as wonderful as I am! Big switch from the current mood I had been in...I know, right! Todays just been a great day...No spactacular news to report...Nothing like that....It's just been a day full of beautiful weather and good vibes! Miley's new song, "Party In The USA" cranked up to ear splitting decimels might also be contributing to this disgustingly good mood:p I know some of you are Miley haters, and I do admit that not ALL of her stuff is radio worthy, but come on...You Cannot help BUT bop your head to this song...Check it out here if you haven't already heard it...I dare you to try and stay still:p I think it sounds kind of like Jamaican rap meets American pop, which is a new sound for her.

Some other things makin me smile right now is the news that my sister, is having a GIRL! she just found out yesterday...Their naming her Ella Rose which I think is such a beautiful name! I'll be driving up in Oct. to throw her baby shower, which I'm so excited about because who doesn't like throwing a party in pink:p

Thing numer 2... I just found out at work that their allowing us to wear jeans starting two days ago! This REALLY makes me happy; I've always been just a jeans and tee-shirt kinda girl at heart:)

Reason for smile number 3... Who here can say that they don't smile rediculously when you get to play cupid and it actually looks like its working! Its still too early to tell, and I don't want to jinx it, so mums the word for now...But keep your fingers crossed because it would be a good story to tell!

Heres one...I have managed to cook dinner for an entire week which is making me feel really productive, fulfilled and more like a wife...Call me crazy!

Also, our Florida vacation is getting closer and closer! I booked a beautiful condo in Orlando, just 10 minutes from Disney World! Its still a good 1.5 months away but closer then before:) I can't wait to hangout with my hubby and have some down time, get to sleep in TOGETHER and maybe enjoy a romantic walk on the beach, or two:p We're driving over to Cocoa Beach on our last day to soak up some sun and just enjoy our last day away from it all...

I do believe the chicken is thawed, but before I go...The answer to my random question, which NONE of you got right, was B. Fair Carny! Lol...I figured that would throw all of you for a loop, but GOOD try:p Hope you all enjoy your friday! I am off to finish dinner, go for a run then take dinner to the hubs...He has CQ again tonight:( Catch ya later!


  1. I miss your blogs (obviously, bc I always comment that).

    Can't wait to hear about your amazing vacation with the hubs. :) I'm excited for Kev and I to get some away time too!! wooooWOOOo

  2. I agree with Samantha I miss your blogs!!!!

    That's going to be a great vacation and congrats to your sister for finding out what she's having!

  3. I'm missing you friend! So glad you're doing well though :)

  4. Great to hear from you girly! Congrats on a happy day... Those are always the best and well needed. Also, you have cooked for an entire week?! I am amazed - I have never, I repeat NEVER done that.. Unless Lean Cuisines count :)

    Enjoy your jeans! All your running I bet you fit into your "skinny jeans"

  5. HIii!! Man, I've missed hearing from you!
    Sounds like things are going pretty dern well for you and you have a lot to look forward to. The trip to Disney sounds perfect. I'm sure it'll be great to get some qt in with hubs!
    We're both getting ready to be aunties to a sweet little girl. I think they must have gotten pregnant around the same time. So exciting! Not exciting enough for me to get that urge for one of my own yet though.. no no no!

  6. A lot to smile about! I LOVE showers for girls! They are so much prettier!


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