January 13, 2012

A Night Of Good Fortune

R and I ended up at a Japanese steak house last night for dinner and I'm so glad that we chose THIS steak house! We got sat beside this fun older couple who immediately struck up conversation. I LOVE when that happens. So much better then sitting in silence pretending that the other couples around the grill don't exist.  

After a very filling meal, as the waitress is taking payment, the older gentleman surprises me by saying he is a hair stylist; this I would NEVER have guessed in a million years. But apparently he is. Been cutting hair for 20 years and get this. He works for a salon that employs more than ONE HUNDRED stylists!!!!

What in the world! Have you ever been to a place that huge?

I about choked when he told me his hair cuts went for no less then $85 a pop.
Why did I tell him I needed a hair cut in mid February. I can't afford that!
However, he hands me a card for a complimentary cut on the house!
I was really surprised and felt the gesture so deeply. It was such a sweet thing to offer to a couple you barley knew. Especially when he can only give away three! 

So come mid February, right before Sugar Cube arrives, I'll be getting that hair cut:)
Too bad it'll be wasted on a trim seeing as I'm growing the locks out.

But hopefully I'll end up with something like this! 

At any rate, I'm just so curious about this salon! I'm imagining a palace:)


  1. Nice! I had a great hair guy here not long after we moved. He was recommended by a friend. I went and got a basic cut, shampoo and style... $65. Was not expecting that. Obviously, I'm not a fancy salon person, typically. Anyway, I went a few more times because he was really good but it was just too much. I "broke up" with him over facebook. I know, lame. Now I'm pretty much committed to going to beauty schools exclusively. So far, so good. :) I can't wait to hear all about this amazing salon! And I think you've picked a great cut. You and EW have very similar facial features. Nice choice!

  2. Wow! $85!!! So glad you're getting a complimentary cut. That was awesome of him to offer that!

    Obviously can't wait to hear about this hair-cutting palace either. ;)


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