June 2, 2012

Let's Have A Chat!

I'm feeling very much like a chatty cathy tonight. And ya know, blogging from Sugarcube's nursery isn't such a bad gig...I've got good tunes, a comfy chair and cheerful colors to pull inspiration from! Sugarcube's taste in music is pretty rad too, if you ask me. It's mostly country music mixed with a few of your typical lullabies. Right now we're listening to Luke Bryan skillfully and alluringly say, "Shake It For Me." I'm sure baby girl would if she wasn't sleepily tucked in her crib for a 5 minute power nap and I...To comfy and cozy in my FREE Craigslist glider... 
Being up here also beats running up and down the stairs every time Baby Girl needs her paci replaced. I'll hear her over the monitor LOUDLY sucking on her three middle fingers. So cute, but I'm afraid all that noise will wake her up, lol.
I love this time of night. In 30 minutes I'll wake Sugarcube and feed her the last bottle of the day before she falls into 9.5 hours of blissful sleep. Yes. That's right. 9.5 HOURS PEOPLE! She's been doing this for a good 3 weeks now and I love it. It feels so good to finally start seeing repetition in her schedule. Knowing that I can depend on a typical bed time of 8:00 pm where she sleeps so long helps with my anxiety during the day. Before she started sleeping so well I was a wreck, trying to figure out how to do my daily chores etc when I had a baby that never slept. Well not any more!

All the magic happens in the evening now. This is where I usually complete my 30 minutes of p90x, daily shower and blogging. I'll also finish that basket of laundry that is ALWAYS full, needing to be put away. Pick up after the invisible 20 other people that live in this house, because seriously, there's no way that 3 people could make such big messes daily! Right? I'll scrape dirty dishes and load the dish washer. Feed the dogs because I almost always forget to do that at their usual time of 6:00 pm and then the most important and coveted part of my day; share some snuggles and talking with the hubby:)

I might fit a warm cup of tea and an episode of Hart of Dixie in there somewhere, but rarely. I'm usually in the bed by 11:30 pm so I can wash and repeat;)
Tonight's a little different though. I don't have my hubby here to snuggle and talk to. He's been gone for 2 full days of a 3 week stint, training for this upcoming deployment. Ugh. I get an anxious, sick feeling every time I think about the real thing sneaking up on us all to soon. I guess he'll be loosing his phone in a few days so I'm doing a lot of texting and sending cute pics of Baby Girl. She's making so many changes. I want to keep him in the loop as best as possible. Which reminds me. She'll be turning 4 months old on the June, 12! I still don't have her doctors appointment set for this month. I hate those well checkups though, because it inevitably means needles and one pissed off Sugarcube. But they're necessary I guess... Y'all are gonna to be blown AWAY by her 4th month update. She's changing so much and getting so big. It's breaking this mama's poor pea'pickin little heart...
OKAY!!! Enough of that. It's magic hour y'all! Time for p90x. I always look forward to my 30 minute sweat session. It's oddly relaxing and I always feel so much better after having completed it. Tonight's workout is Kenpo.
 "Do your best and forget the rest!"
Because I can never resist posting a pic of my beautiful baby!


  1. Hey girly! :)
    I don't know why but I can't comment you on my laptop but I can on my phone. Baby girl is getting so big! Kyra has that same pink toy too. I hope your doing great.

    1. Are you still having this problem? I'll have to look into it if you are...Might be from my switching to threaded commenting. Hmmmmm

  2. Two cheers for Hart of Dixie.. and finding that you time. Glad to hear things are sooo good!

    1. I loved how the season ended! Can't wait for the next!


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