July 27, 2009

Cut Backs Suck!

So once again, my life has become too cluttered! However, the internet is not to blame, this time:) I seriously don't know how some of you do it...A husband to tend to, children, pets, house work, laundry, cooking meals, working, college for some of you, on top of maintaining family ties, hobbies, your blogs and whatever else! I'm in complete awe over here...

My new life, as Mrs. G.I. Joe, started out very uncomplicaited and low key, but has since filled up really fast; Or so it seems...I moved to Georgia, on December 29, 2008, two days after our wedding. From then to now, I landed a job as an assistant manager in a well known gaming company, I've taken up blogging and currently follow more then 50 blogs. I added running to my list shortly after which takes up a great deal of time, but is so rewarding and fun, (most of the time:p) We adopted a cat from on post, who was the devil himself in disguise then added Bella a few months later. I had forgotten just HOW needy a puppy can be...PHEW! On top of this, there is the given, my husband who I love to spend time with so I always become distracted from what follows: cooking, laundry, dusting, cleaning, vacumming and anything else I have forgotten...Lets see, theres also maintaining family ties back home. For those of you who didn't know, I come from a family of ten; Seven siblings, not including myself, and my parents. I am really close to most all of them so it takes work! DAMN! my sister Angels birthday is today...Note to self: call sister dear after I finish this post:p Okay, so wrapping this up, I added the BIG under taking of becoming a self taught web designer a few days ago. Well, pretty much, that was the straw that broke the camals back, so to speak. Nothing else feels like it will fit! In fact, I have fallen behind on ALL of the above by just adding web design to my list...I am so excited about it that, that is all I want to do right now...Read my book and do the work...So until I learn to manage my time even MORE tightly, I am sad to say that I had to make an adjustment. My blogging is going to become less then what it was. My goals (because I enjoy it and y'all a lot) is to post AT LEAST once a week. From there I will be making rounds on y'alls bloggings once a week to post comments but continue to follow as much as I can through the week, so I'm not completely lost! I hope I don't loose too many of you over this...Its just until I learn to juggle all that is in my day:) Well I am off to wish Angel a Happy Birthday, take Bella for her second set of shots, run a four miler then study, YAY! Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

Edit: Well double damn! Turns out Angels birthday was two days ago. On the exact day, in fact, that I looked at Robert and said, "Babe, don't let me forget to call Angel in two days and wish her a happy brithday." Gosh, I am a terrible sister...Lol...Good thing she loves me:p


  1. I agree with you, being an adult is tough work! Can you imagine adding children to that equation ;) Not me, at least not yet!!

    I am so excited to hear that you love your web designing books and are learning a lot!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! Make sure you have some "you time" in there as well ;)

  2. aWww I will miss your more freqent postings, but you definitely have to prioritise your life. Also, don't you feel guilty over doing it either!!! But I can tell you that I admire you for following 50 blogs, I don't have that much time either dear. It's nothing personal just what I have the time for. But don't you forget to find the time to do things you want to do, you enjoy doing as well as the things you feel obligated to complete! Don't things that make BECCA happy. Remember dear, you're no good to anyone else unless you're taking care of YOU first! =)
    Even if they all leave you I'm stickin' with your blog! :-p

  3. Aw, I'll miss you! I think it's definitely important to balance your priorities though.

    Also -- four miles!? AWESOME JOB girl!

  4. Silly chicklet! Blog to make Becca happy, not others! We'll be here when you get back

  5. It's hard! Juggling to get it all done takes a ton of work! If I was still in college I don't know how I could do it. I don't know how I did it then even!

  6. Even if you were gone for a month, I'd still check your blog with a hopeful flutter in my heart (and maybe leaving you creepy, stalkerish comments) until you came back. There's no getting rid of me now. Sorry!
    You have a lot on your plate friend. It'll take some time, but you'll square it all away... I have full faith in you!

  7. I agree with High Heels and Combat Boots!!

    We will be here and we love all the input you give us! And believe me children, husband, school, gym, army wife.. .yada yada yada... It never gets easier!

  8. I will miss your daily reads...but it's totally understandable! I'm here to stay friend!

  9. Hang in there! I'm sure you can do it!

  10. So it totally sucks that you won't be blogging as much, but it's for a good reason! How exciting that you're going to be taking up web design and eventually start your own business! Sounds like you and Robert have very reachable goals in mind!

    (Sorry that I'm just now catching up to all of this...I didn't have internet when I was on vacation!)


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