August 6, 2009


HELLO HELLO! So today's my day off and BOY am I glad about that! Right now I am sporting a pretty good cold with an annoying cough so I could use a day to myself. It feels like its been forever since my last post and I hate that:( But thank you all for your support and understanding *sends hearts*.

Really, there's nothing exciting to report. Bella had a vet appointment on Tuesday for some awful skin condition that she has broken out with. Turns out she has some type of mange...EKK! I asked Robert where in the world she picked that up at seeing as we wash her about once every two weeks and shes not in filth at all...I feel like such a bad mommy because is that something you could prevent? Well, she is on meds for the sores, and they medicated her skin then told us to give her Benadryl twice a day for the itching so hopefully this stuff kicks the bucket soon!

Robert finished up his first rotation last Thursday so he had a four day weekend and then is on leave until this Monday. I'm really glad he was able to get this time off because he was t.i.r.e.d! For the past five days hes basically been living at the auto skills center on post with his stang:p Something happened to it some weeks back so he decided it would be a good idea to rip it apart and find the problem. I am proud of him because its not like he's this big time mechanic that knows all. He's read book after book on the car and it seems to be paying off because he found the problem, then another one...This one kind of hurts the wallet because its a cracked head. Those babies cost a whopping 1,500! Act now, cringe later kind of deal though because if we leave it, that could mean even bigger problems down the road; costlier problems:p I'm going over there today to check out his progress and take a few pictures:)

As for me, its been crazy busy at work, which is better then no work! Kids go back to school today so it should slow down some before the holiday season gets here...A few of my sisters and I are planning a Florida vacation at the end of Oct. THIS I am so excited about! We are going to stay on the beach for 4 nights then commute the 45 minutes to Disney World while we're there! Best of both worlds if you ask me:) Robert hopefully gets to come, but its right in the middle of a rotation so its not set in stone. I've been keeping up with my running except for the past three days. Because of this cold, it has made me really weak and just miserable:( I think its so awesome that two of my older sisters and one younger brother has gotten into running because of me...One of them smokes and she swore up and down that he would never be a runner, so I like to laugh at her now:) Their doing awesome with it! I only wish we all lived closer so I could run with them...Boo...I had to buy another pair of glass which I got in a few days ago. I hated doing that, but Robert wanted me to have the exact ones that Bella chewed up. "You looked good in those babe." He told me, so I folded:p

Well I have not been on any of your blogs in a few days so I'm going to do that now before Robert wakes up. I hope you're all enjoying your week and that its not quite as long until my next post:p



  1. Hello there! I was just thinking about you the other day wondering how you were.

    Sorry you have a Summer cold. Never fails, I get one every year for at least 2 days.

    DISNEY WORLD! I heart Disney World! That is going to be a blast for you guys - You both deserve a vacation and some time together. Busy, busy people!

    Enjoy your day off xx

  2. Hope you and Bella get better soon.

    Florida in October sounds like a ton of fun. That will be a nice break.

  3. UGH, aren't summer colds the worst? I had one last week. Feel better friend!!

  4. Glad to hear your still doing ok, except for being sick. Hope the car gets fixed soon and that the cat gets well!

  5. I'm glad that all is going well in your world right now (minus that expensive repair! ew!)

    It's awesome that you've gotten your siblings into running -- it's so good for you!

  6. car problems are just running amock lately arent they? everyone's getting to have some fun with em!

    Oct is a GREAT time to go to disney. I'm jealous... can I come too?!

  7. YEAY! I logged onto my Dashboard and saw that you posted so I came straight to your blog! I've missed you!

    I hope the vacation works out so that Rocert can go to FL with the fam! :)

  8. My dog had both types of mange when we got him from the shelter, I guess there is one that is contagious for other dogs and one the the mother passes down during birth. The first kind we were able to treat with regular flea meds but the second one required dips every 2 weeks for 2 months (talk about costly!). But it is nothing you did, dogs can be perfectly clean and healthy and still have to deal with it.

  9. i love that you've started with Hello hello... that's the way AH used to answer her phone.. not that i'm a fan or anything. :)

  10. it's so good to hear from you! We haven't missed you at all... can you tell??
    Hope you get over that cold soon.. summer ones are much much worse than the winter bugs I think. yuck.
    Sounds like a great trip with your fam~take lots of pics!!

  11. I miss reading your blog (more often)! :(

    Just FYI. No Pressure.


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