July 16, 2009

Thats Why You Leave It To The Professionals...

Sitting here I'm, really, N0 literally kicking my, rather white, rear end...Today was going to be a day of chores; Having that "good" feeling after getting stuff done that I've had on my mental list for several weeks, and some, even months.
The List:
1. Get my hair cut
2. Wax my eyebrows
3. Get the carpets cleaned
4. Wash/clean out our fridge
5. Wash my car
6. Vacuum my car
7. Have our comforter dry cleaned
8. Make appointment to have birth control refilled

So at 7:30 a.m, all was going well. I wake up to take Bella out, then return to immediately start shoving dining room chairs, coffee tables and end tables in the kitchen, out of the way for the carpet cleaners...I hop into some light weight shorts and a tank, lock Bella and Peanut in the bathroom, then head out with our HUGE comforter, eager to start chopping away at my list. First stop, Sun Shine Dry Cleaners! Five minutes later I walk out, still, with blanket in tow. They wanted $30.00 just to steam away the stains and wouldn't have it back to us for 10 days! Now I do not frequent the dry cleaners, obviously because I still haven't had my wedding dress cleaned, but this just seemed over priced and an absurd amount of waiting time to me. So, NO THANKS! I told the kind lady, I would simply find a laundry mat and was on my way. However, finding a laundry mat in this town is apparently IMPOSSIBLE! Well, no problem...Take a deep breath and think...I've got it! We have a huge tub in our bathroom; surly big enough to hand wash this blanket...Oh yes, you've read right...I took my happy ass into the laundry room, grabbed our bottle of Tide and went to town...Here is the results and don't laugh...

Getting it into the tub was rather easy, but getting it out was a whole different story! Had I taken a minute to think, I might have re-thought this plan out... A king sized comforter emerged in hot water, equals a very heavy figgin piece of material; One that I could barely budge! I am totally telling on myself here, but I even farted a few times straining to get that sopping wet pain in my ass blanket outta our tub! Just imagine me bent over, heaving and gasping and looking very much like a woman in labor...Get the picture?
Me, after I managed to get it into a laundry basket...K, now what? Its full of water and too big for the washer to wring out, so AGAIN I have a genius plan...I drag that basket out onto our third floor balcony and proceed to toss and flop it over the banister...However, immediate problem with this...I managed to create Niagara Falls all over the downstairs neighbors deck, deck chairs and plants....EKK! Luckily nothing was ruined...I checked through the cracks in the floor:p However, not ten minutes after I get it out there, a tasume sweeps through and drenches it all over again! Argh...

Not my brightest moment...But once again I prove true to my nature...Work harder, not smarter:p At the rate that thing is draining out there, it'll be 10 days before it sees our bedroom anyhow. However, reading over this, I am in hysterics and have learned a valuable lesson, so I hope you didn't laugh too hard but just goes to show you, that's why you leave it to the professionals...I need a beer:p

P.S. Thank you all for your very sweet, kind words on my last post. Was kind of blushing from all the praise:) Sometimes I feel like Robert is never home to be a good wife to, so its in things like this that I try to show him how much he's loved and how much I care. Ya'll are too great:)


  1. Okay I am crying I am laughing so hard. And I just choked on my dinner. This was hilarious. Oh my goodness.

    Hope it dries soon!!!

  2. Hope it doesn't mildew haha!! :)

  3. WOW!! You made me snort, I was laughing so hard. I hope it dries quickly for you.

  4. Hahaha, this did make me laugh. You're so tiny! I can imagine you struggling to get it out of the tub. And yes...that price and wait time was absurd!

  5. hahahahah i cant believe you outed yourself with the farting! TOOOOOO freaking funny!!! Thanks for sharing, i needed a good laugh. Oh and 30 bucks does seem like a lot to steam out the stains and 10 days to get it back is just crazy! Props to you for doing it yourself...even if it is hard work! :)

  6. HILARIOUS!! I honestly have done this myself not realizing that the gallons of water would have that affect on a comforter. HELLLOOO??! But I have to say there was no farting involved in my struggles. HA!! But that just makes your story that much better. And really.. do you really look amazing even while doing chores?? Not.Fair.

  7. first off you are gorgeous! & second..you have me cracking up! nothing beats persistence!

  8. I so feel ya! I did pretty much the exact thing with our comforter, only I wasn't brave enough to tell the world...but now, I can admit to it! :) The upshot was, not only did the comforter get cleaned, but the bathroom and laundry room floors got "mopped"! Totally taking it to the laundramat the next time.

  9. Oh my GAW that's hilarious! You crack me up girl!

  10. You're sucha pretty girl.. But I'm sorry that was a blonde joke if I ever heard one... You're hilarious. Be good woman.

  11. What a riot! I totally have a comforter sitting in the laundry room that I have been pondering what to do with. So washing it in the bathtub...not a good idea--check. LOL

  12. Girl, I feel your pain.

    One time we decided we needed to wash our down comforter...so I took it to several laundry mats trying to find a washer big enough for the king size comforter. Finally did...at a place like 30 minutes away.

    So then came the dryer. The comforter was too big to fit in the dryers! I literally had to stand next to the dryer and hold the door closed for HOURS!!! I spent so much money trying to get that thing dry. And I kept having to stop it and try to move it around because the wet spots seemed to keep collecting in the middle and not drying!! And it was like the coldest day of the year with snow and ice outside...so it was really slippery trying to carry that heavy, massive thing into the place.

    It hung on chairs (kind of like a fort!) for 2 weeks drying in our living room. We tried to use a hair dryer. Didn't really work out :)

    And just so you know...the stains didn't even come out. Never. Again!!

  13. Hahahaha oh my goodness! That is too funny! We just washed our queen comforter the other day. It was too big for the washer and the dryer.... it took 2-3 times in the dryer to get it mostly dry but when we brought it back into our apartment we realized: A) it was uber wrinkled (still is) and B) it had shrunk. Hubs always steals the covers from me even though he is always hot and I'm always cold... now our cover wars are 10 times worse!

  14. OH hun, that is too funny! The thing that I'm jealous of? Your hair looks so pretty despite fighting with this blanket that has to be 39870x the size of you! :)

  15. totally something i would have done, only it would have been to save a few bucks. i would have been pushed to the edge, tossed the damn thing and bought a new one.

  16. You crack me up! I was literally laughing so hard I choked. I almost spit my water up everywhere. I have tried to do that as well, but I didn't get as far as you did! I hope it drys and doesn't mildew!

  17. OMG! Bless your heart! This is totally something that would happen to me too haha! Annnnd i would definitely finish off an incident like this with a beer :-)

  18. I cringed just thinking about how heavy that comforter had to be lol!


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