February 14, 2011

New Toy, New Adventure, New Event, 2011 Rocks!

I just knew this year was going to be fabulous and look how it has started out! My very own 2011 Scion xB a.k.a NEW LOVE!!!

Happy Happy

Look Mom, ALL HANDS!!!

I just love this car---I insisted that it be a manuel and didn't mind that I had a week wait on it being shipped. This thing is so much fun; zipping around town, in and out of traffic. I literally make excuses to hop in the drivers seat and take off; running errands with such conviction, ha! I guess you could say this was my Valentines present from the hubby, right along with a surprise 5 day trip back to our favorite spot. Remember this place???

Thats right, March 5th, we're headed back to Gatlinburg, Tennessee! R and I had our first real vacation together in Gatlinburg, just the two of us last April and it was fantastic. The entire trip was so relaxing and fun...We had so many options! There was walking the strip, doing things like white water rafting, mini golfing or simply staying in our cozy cabin and watching a movie by the fire...I fell in love with the jacuzzi on our deck, over looking the mountains and total seclusion...We spent a lot of time out there...We did things like go-karting and aquariums, haunted museums and mazes, ice skating and pool...This time I just HAVE to go visit the titanic museum! They were having thier grand opening last April and we missed out on the ticket sales:( But hey, I have that to look forward to this time! I totally recommend this place for any couple looking to take a breather and a recharge:)

In other exciting news.............................You are invited to....................

"Challenge Of The Abs"

I am so pumped about this event held on Facebook!!! Ahem, a little excerpt from the event page---

"Welcome to the "Battle of The Abs" event! You are being invited to vote on a closed competition between 3 Facebookers; Rebekah, Robert and Mary battling their way to fab abs in just 2 months! Cheer us on, poke fun, or just say hello as we move towards judgment day! We will be posting "no gliz or glamour" pictures of each contestant and their abs . That's where you come in Facebook friends! This is an open poll and we need voters! So be sure to come back and vote for who you think has the MOST IMPROVED fab abs on April 13th 2011!!! "

P.S Did I mention that the winning prize is a $100 value of the champions choosing!!! Losers pay up;)"

I know some of you are on my Facebook page already. Those who are, have already received an event invite...However, I wanted to open it up to my blog followers as well! If you are interested in being a voter in this event, on April 13th, simply email me your email linked to your FB account and I will add you and send out an invite! I hope to see you guys over there cheering me on and digging on the other two, lol! You can also leave me your email in a comment here if you're comfortable with that...The more voters the better!


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  1. New vic?! That is amazing! Ah Tennesse is a gorgeous state, especially with Spring coming! I'm sure the weather will be fantastic!Good luck with the abs challenge!


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