April 11, 2011

I Would Rather An Edible Donut, Please And Thank You!

Jiminy!!! I can't believe that my last post was on February 14th---Oops!

Well I'm still loving the Scion. We made it back from vacation as two much happier, relaxed people and I have since canceled the Battle Of The Abs event on Facebook. Laziness Work got in the way of every ones training...Excuses excuses, I know!

The past month I have been REALLY trying not to stress over our PCS this summer...There was two possible scenarios, one of which we would not get an answer on until it was down to the wire. As in one week until we're to move, wire... R submitted his packet for warrant officer, in hopes that he would be accepted. So instead of us PCS'ing out west in July, we would be taking a mini road trip 2 hrs. from here, further south...He was denied today; due to a non progressive cataracts that he was given a waiver for. I'm so sad and frustrated for him right now---This was the only reason he re-enlisted. R's only guess, as to why they didn't accept the waiver, is because of the draw down in the military accepting new soldiers...Apparently there are more pilots then there are aircraft's right now...It makes sense, but it still sucks...I have one last hope that maybe his denied application isn't indefinite and maybe just temporary...We shall see.

So it looks like we will be going west come late July! This will be my first PCS with the military so I am a bit nervous. I'm also nervous because R will be in school until, basically, the day we are to head out, ahh! I can handle this; I'm a big girl!

What I AM having a hard time with is the big "D" as some of you put it...I'll be getting my very own donut of misery come next spring, yay! *note my sarcasm* This will be my first deployment as his wife---which being married to him for 3 years, by that time, makes me a very luck women that I haven't had to share him more. I do realize this! However, him being a Drill Sgt. for the past 2 years hasn't exactly placed him in my bed every night...Most of the time our day looks like this---I come home late from work (11:00 pm'ish) he's snoring in the room while his alarm is set for 3:45 a.m---He wakes at 3:45 a.m and I am sleeping sound beside him...Like ships passing in the wind most days...

I am tossing around the idea of moving to Arizona during the deployment because R's folks and sister live there. I have more then completely befuddled my siblings over this decision, as to why I wouldn't be returning home to Tennessee, and my answer is this: I want to feel that R is near and I can do that by being in the one place he called home for 20 years; by being around the people that knows him best! I'm NOT one of these girls who will pack up all of his things until he returns. No! I WANT to see remnants of him being there, his stuff lying around the house...All of my siblings back home have families of their own now as well...Children and husbands to take care of...Their lives do not revolve around the military nor do they really understand it...I know that my family would be empathetic on the days where I am feeling scared or worried but I don't feel they would really understand what I will be going through...Arizona makes sense for these reasons...

I also would LOVE the opportunity to spend more time with R's side of the family! I am close to my own family so it feels unnatural to have family that I do not know quite as well...R's folks and sister rock as good, down to earth, just great and supportive people so I'm looking forward to having that close by as I navigate my first real deployment with R.

Goodness!!! The rain is coming down hard and the puppies are whining so I guess this means I should stop typing and baby them...ha ha! Thank you for your listening ear ladies...I'm not usually this whiny and emotional on here, so please excuse that... I know A LOT of you can appreciate what I'm talking about because you've been through it or are currently going through it, so its comforting to talk about it with you all---I heart my readers!

Goodnight Blog--


  1. Where exactly is "out west"?? Hurry and tell me before I get my hopes up too much that you could possibly be coming to me!

  2. Ha, Jessica beat me to it, but it's okay cause we're at the same place :)

  3. Hey gals! Out west being Washington state...Ft. Lewis...Is that right!?! Don't leave me hanging, lol!


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