October 27, 2011

Taking It Easy

I made it back to Washington from Tennessee LATE Monday night and boy was I exhausted. It didn't help that I had a doctors appointment the next morning! I went in long enough for the usual blood pressure, weight and baby's heart beat check but left after that, due to exhaustion and high blood pressure. I came in at 140/100 where as last month I was 109/63...Big difference! The doctors were a bit concerned so I am going to our nearest fire department 5 days in a row to have it monitored, fun fun:)

I wasn't surprised though. The last weekend I was in Tennessee my dad had a very serious stroke that kept my stress levels very high for 4 days. I had to fly home so my sister, who was watching our dogs, could fly back and have her chance with dad...He was very blessed to have lived and even more blessed to be improving as much as he is!!! I give all that credit to God and the many prayers sent by family and friends...

So I'm all alone in this house trying to pass the days until R comes back in from the field...That should be either tomorrow or the next, yaya! I haven't seen him for 3 weeks, boo! Since returning I've been doing a lot of resting, walking our dogs, catching up on t.v shows and A LOT of Facebooking, lol...I hope all this chill-axing reflects in my blood pressure readings the next 5 days...So far it's dropping but not as drastic as I was hoping.

BABY is doing good it seems, which was something that concerned me through all of this...I've been having contraction like back pains that also gives me annoying cramping if I don't lay down. The doctor seems to think I need more water even though I'm drinking 80 oz a day and that doesn't include other drinks like tea, juice etc...Guess this baby is a glutton for liquid! I've gained a total of 16 pounds so far and I believe it! Yesterday I hit 21 weeks and feel bigger then ever...I've really hit a point in all of this though; I no longer care about things like weight and shots and all the inconvenient things in pregnancy, just as long as the baby comes out healthy! My protective mommy side is definitely showing:)

I REALLY miss things like sushi and wine, mmmmmm! I would sell my left arm for a good glass of Moscato paired with a relaxing fire and my hubby's arms right now, sigh...Baby "G" is kicking and moving everyday...The kicks are getting hard enough that R should be able to feel them when he gets home! I plan to eat a banana and watch the action unfold;) Baby loves bananas and kicks me sooooo hard about 5 minutes after eating it. I love the movements but I won't lie, sometimes they startle me, making me jump...lol...I can't help but laugh on the strong ones because I don't know what else to do!

My Tylenol pm is starting to kick in so I'll end here...Sorry I don't have a belly picture update. I promise to get one in at 22 weeks! Six more days until we find out what our little one's sex is! I can't wait to experience our first look at baby and find out what we're having!!!!!

Goodnight all...

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  1. Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or girl, so exciting!!!


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