November 3, 2011

Baby "G" Finally Has A Gender!

If your a friend or family member on Facebook you already know what I'm about to say, BUT for everyone else..........................................The results are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby "G" is a GIRL!!!!!! This is our sweet little girl at 22 weeks exactly!!!

The ultrasound tech said she had SUPER long legs at this point, which means R can take credit for that...I am so happy for her and those legs! She's going to LOVE her daddy for them. She is a healthy weight, just over a pound and was moving pretty much the entire ultrasound:) Some movement is good during an ultrasound but a squirmy baby makes it hard to get images:p She's a little ball of energy already, just like her mommy!

Speaking of 22 weeks!!!!

I think I look bigger then I actually am here, but that could just be wishful "seeing." :)

Now back to Baby "G" being a girl and COMPLETELY surprising daddy and I both!!!! I had my reasons for being so convinced. I DID! They always say the boy swimmers get the egg first and with our timing, that SHOULD have been the case. Apparently Baby "G" wanted to be a girl badly though, because she beat out all the boys:p She might turn out to be quite the athlete! Not to mention this little sugar cube craved MAN food...Like meat and potatoes ya'll...I thought that was a sure sign, but my husband so kindly reminded me that the baby might just have my blood type. My blood type thrives on man food;)

Then there was the infamous DREAM...Yes, I dreamt of our blonde headed little boy, running at break neck speed to get away from mommy and daddy and his clothes...The dream even came complete with a name; Surprisingly, R and I both loved it! That sealed it for me... I'm a huge visual learner and I use visuals to also connect with things. So, I decided that baby "G" was a boy, HA!

There wasn't any gender disappointment really, just a thoughtful moment of "huh..." because of the reasons above;) R is a little more then bummed that his Tonka toy shopping days were short lived, but even he is excited for our little girl.

We never talked about girl names seriously because we were THAT sure it was a boy, so now starts the fun part! I really hope finding a name for her won't be as painful as I think it'll be, but I think I'm just fooling myself...R and I have such different tastes in names. He's more of a traditionalist with names and I like to blaze my own trails;) To give you an idea, here is six names I've come up with...

Quinn Harper
Andi Marie
Avery Joelle or Noelle
Savannah Eve
Jaime Mckenna
Jada Marie

R has already said "no" to Quinn Harper, which was my favorite:( But the rest might get a second look. I plan to dig deep this weekend, which so happens to be my birthday weekend! Maybe R will oblige me for more then the usual 10 minutes as a birthday wish?

I already have a great idea for the nursery, which is not the traditional pink and purple room, but more of a cheerful yellow done in sunflowers ( my favorite) speckled with a few lady bugs (R's idea.) I can't wait to put it all together and take pictures!

So we're really excited here at the Baby "G" household and already attached to the idea of our sugar cube being a girl! One mom told me that shopping will take on a whole new meaning and I think she might be right. I'm already itching to skip down the isles of pink and purple and sunny shine shine yellow...I will try to refrain until my mother, father and sister in-law fly in for Christmas though. What better fun then to go shopping for girl stuff with a bunch of girls!

Happy November everyone!!!

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