December 31, 2011

30 weeks + 3 days

Check out the bowling ball this week! 30 weeks and 3 days today--

She gets bigger everyday it seems! Baby "G" had her Grammy, Grampa and Auntie S (R's family) in for Christmas and even they couldn't believe how much the belly grew while visiting!!

Speaking of Christmas, Baby and doting visiting family, you were MAJORLY spoiled this holiday baby "G." Take a look at all your goodies!

I'm in LOVE with this very cushy Chicco car seat. It shows red here but it's really a deep awesome orange. Best part--it's good for either a boy or girl! Look at me, we haven't even welcomed you home baby girl and mommy's already thinking ahead to a bother or sister for you! :)

Okay, this super light compact stroller, a chicco keyfit caddy, was not part of the plan. Our plan was a running stroller but thanks to Josh, a Babies' R ' Us employee, we were convinced otherwise and was given a new plan! For six months anyway-- I love it!

So here's the whole thing put together! It's the cutest, smallest most maneuverable travel system I've ever seen! This new mom had some anxiety about hauling a HUGE stroller and car seat around, through public markets. But no more! I feel like I'm six again; pushing my little baby doll carriage around. LOL.

Baby "G" will be sleeping in mommy and daddy's room until we get a bigger house. Sometime in late April or early May. I just love how this Greco pack'n'play fits PERFECTLY in the corner of our room with all its warm colors and attachments. The cozy sleeper is my favorite piece because it can be removed and used as a traveling bassinet. SCORE!

And this is Baby Patagonia! Thanks to your Auntie S you'll be rocking these gorgeous colors come summer! I love how cheery this outfit is ♥

SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GEM!!! I am now a proud owner of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Premiere!!! Grammy and Grampa made no bones that this was a full on bribe. The return will be loads of baby pictures and videos. Umm, no problem!!! :)

Here I saved the two best things for last...These are handmade baby rattles Sugar Cube! Your Grampa "G" made them and they are just so beautiful. I know you are going to love them and cherish them just like I do!!

And this is a super cuddly handmade blanket done by Grammy "G!" This will definitely be your tummy time blanket Baby girl:)
You got SO MANY more things but these are some of my favorites. See, you're already so spoiled/loved!
Just a few more hours before the new year so I'm going to close and enjoy the rest of 2011 with the hubby. HAPPY NEW YEAR bloggy buddies, Facebook friends and anyone else reading this ol'blog. I wish us all a fabulous 2012! I promise a better baby update at 31 weeks:)


  1. I saw a pack and play the other day that had an MP3 built in. I mean, what baby doesn't need an MP3 player?

    I love the blanket.


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