December 27, 2011

Incase You Didn't Know!

Today R and I celebrate 3 years of awesome marriage!! I'm seriously having the best time of my life with this man and cannot wait to share many more years with him ♥ Take a look as I share the most wonderful 1096 days of my life, so far!

On December 27, 2008, in a little southern town, we said our vows in front of a small group of family and friends. ( I don't recommend getting married that close to Christmas. It was insane that we even pulled it off!) But what a magical day! One I'll never forget--

I was so happy that day but sad too-- Leaving family proved to be really hard!

However, that didn't stop the smiling. I was too excited! I couldn't wait for my new life as Mrs. G to start!

Two days later I packed all my belongings and followed my husband to our new home in Georgia! This picture is not from that day:)

As a newly married couple, we loved on each other A LOT! It took us 5 years but R and I were finally together; no longer living several miles apart and we loved it!

However, this is where it gets long, 1.5 months after our wedding, I sat in our living room trying really hard not to cry. R had been given orders to play big bad Drill Sgt. for 2 years. But first, he had to go to school for 2 months a few states over. We made it through those 2 months like champs (of course!) and sailed through those long, lonely 2 years as well. FYI: Drill Sergeants are bad ass ya'll. They work 16-18 hours days, 6 days a week for no less then 2 years. They are exhausted and abused and paid very little for the time they put in. Even through all the stress and 2 years of being sleep deprived, my husband ROCKED that hat!! Period--- I am so proud of him and the "stick with it" attitude he gave each and every day out there. R cared a great deal about those young soldiers he was training and wanted to give them the best opportunity he could, knowing they would deploy shortly after leaving his care. He hung his hat on June 24, 2011 where we now live a normal married/military life♥♥♥

After a short time we (I) decided that we needed more chaos in our lives and adopted 3 beautiful fur babies! Not all at once though; the cat came first;)

After a while longer, R decided he had more love in his heart and wanted to share it! A childhood dream come true on April 27, 2009. I was "allowed" to work on it:)

There was definite silliness y'all, which has never been on short supply. I wouldn't have it any other way! Fish Flop, haha! (inside joke)

In 3 years, we've gotten to try on 3 different homes! This family does not keep up with the "Jones" but we do keep up with the military standard;) Good times!


AND AWESOME VACATIONS! Vegas, Disney World, Gatlinburg---

We've ran "Race for a Cure" in Phoenix, AZ and had a wonderful time!

We've celebrated Thanksgivings.

And had merry Christmases!

We upgraded our vehicles! Bella loves dad's new ride and I loved that I finally got a stick shift!

And like any couple, we dreamed about winning the lottery, traveling the world, buying our first house and starting a family...

While we're still working on winning the lottery, and most everything else---We have started a family! If you're following this blog you knew that already;) Baby Alyssa is due March 7, 2012 and we couldn't be more excited!

That brings us to the present and this is where it gets random! I won't bring out the rainbows and big puffy hearts. I promise. All I'll say is "thank God for unanswered prayers; ultimately bringing us here." We certainly don't have the white picket fence; I was never a fan anyway. After 3 years, we're definitely older and I'm chunkier, haha! Also, our dogs poop way too much. Sorry. It's been on my mind. Oh, and apparently I smack my food; the better it is, the louder I get. R has already informed me I need to "lock that down" when Baby arrives;) In 3 years, I haven't found much that annoys me about him...Puke. I know...Well okay, he DOES sleep with his hands behind his head and when I roll over at night, I t-bone my forehead...It's the little things:) But you know what, I love it! I love that I'm the one who gets to see him snore at night, and laugh so hard where he turns blue. I also know he secretly loves that I steal all his night pants and that I forget to turn stove burners and ovens off. I mean, who wouldn't love that!! So here it is babe...

LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ you hubby my hubby. Here's to us, another year and the CRAZINESS that parenthood will undoubtedly bring!!! Now come kiss me:)

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  1. Awe I just came across your blog from moo's. Congrats on the baby on the way! New follower. Id love for you to come check out my blog and hopefully do the same. :)


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