December 21, 2011

The Disappearing Act

Baby "G" and I are 29 weeks today and I'm not sure at what point your feet disappear, but once it starts, it happens so fast! Probably a good thing because, these days, they're just puffy and fat and I can no longer see any bone structure in them, ha!

Yesterday was my glucose and rhogam shot, along with my midwife appointment. I passed the one hour sugar test, which means no gestational diabetes for this momma! However, I was pretty bummed to see that my blood pressure has spiked again. I've had such a hard time keeping it under the advised 140/90 going on 2 months now...My midwife ordered more blood work. She's concerned there might be something more serious going on like preeclampsia. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, you can click this link or just know it's some pretty scary stuff.

They called me last night and said I needed to come back in today. Apparently the vile of blood they took yesterday wasn't "good" for testing. I wasn't too worried about it being preeclampsia until I Googled it. Darn you Google--Now, the only thing keeping me calm is the fact that, when I went in for more blood draws today, I also had them take my blood pressure and it was MUCH lower;113/80. HUGE DIFFERENCE! I haven't been able to get it that low since September. The difference being?? I was given permission to take Melatonin by my midwife which helps you sleep. It's no secret that I haven't been sleeping for months now. I think the lack of shut eye is having a major effect on my bp so just pray that I'm right!

Baby "G" is the size of a squash; getting so big!

It's no wonder I've felt uber pregnant this week. Sugar cube is piling on the fat, filling my stomach out really fast! Something new I've felt this week is her hiccups. So cute! suggests I finish stocking her nursery and pack a hospital bag; we're definitely in the big leagues now ya'll! Only 8 more weeks before we're full-term and could have this baby!!

It's funny. I look back at earlier belly pictures, where I thought I looked so huge and obviously pregnant, and realize I didn't. LOL. Well, no mistaking it now;)

I'll be starting weekly belly updates next week #1. because I think you'll see the difference in the photos and #2. because it's getting down to the wire!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas spent with loved ones!! I'll be back after Christmas with my 30 week update and also an anniversary post that I've been working on for a week!


  1. Yay! I'm not clicking on any links. :) Haha. Glad to hear you and baby are doing well.

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. Haha, so creative with your picture!! It will just fly by the rest your trimester I am sure!


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