December 16, 2011

That Slippery Slope

I've had some pretty awesome cravings this entire pregnancy.

Take a look!

But then----these cravings showed up the past few weeks.

However, this is something I actually DID eat today for lunch.

I cringe. Now

I've done so good this past 7 months and now I feel like I'm loosing it. Sliding down a very slippery slope! Come on baby girl, this is not the time to be making momma crave bad foods!! Not when we're so close to the finish line.... I NEVER eat MacDonald's ya'll. And when I say "never" I mean, the last time I drove up to those golden arches on my own was 7 years ago. BUT. WOW. That burger was epic and so yummy! Pray for me ya'll. I might be headed to trans fat purgatory...

A girl can indulge in a few bad choices while pregnant. Right?

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  1. I say eat what you want. I'm certainly going to. :)


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