December 4, 2011

Future Christmas Present

Guess what I did tonight---

That's right!! I bagged up all my pre-pregnancy clothes to include jeans, t-shirts, swimsuits, under garments, socks and *tear* my running/workout clothes!! I'm actually pretty excited about this bag of inspiration...It's going to be like Christmas when I'm 126 lbs again and can open it!!! Plus that means I look like this again but only with (hopefully) some of the boob-age I've been "racking" up;) And maybe a few more adjustments, ha!

This will be me on that blessed day taking a victory bite outta a cherry Popsicle because I'm just that darn animated and excited:) Heck, I might even have most of my long hair back too!

Double score!!! In packing up my clothes, I managed to clear out 3 of my dresser drawers. Baby "G" will have some space for her clothes now, until we move into a bigger house and have room for her nursery. GO MOMMA!

Happy Christmas carols, lighted trees and sugar cookie month y'all!!!


  1. Dang! You are so tiny! Give me your tips on how to be 126lbs pretty please!!

  2. I think the phrase is "I was tiny" LOL. I just loved being on the move and doing anything that got me outdoors i.e running, hiking, walking my 2 dogs (a lot) etc. I plan to pick up spin classes, yoga and giving rock climbing a whirl once Alyssa is born. As you know though, it's in the eating too:) And what are you talking about!! You look fantastic girl!!! I, for one, need to do more resistance instead of all cardio, I'm seeing...I had no shape/muscle back then, haha!


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