November 29, 2011

Where's My Panic Button?

Two days shy of six months; 26 weeks! If my belly looks lopsided, well it is-- Baby Alyssa LOVES my right side!

I must look huge because a cashier at Baby Depot told me I looked ready to "pop." REALLY! ALREADY! I was just about crushed, especially when I had to tell her I have 3 more months to go. I might have followed that sentence with "I have a big husband, okay!"

Nothing too spectacular to update on this week. Baby is still the size of an eggplant and will be for another week. Then we move onto a squash! I've gotten a decent amount of shopping done for the little babe so I'm feeling a bit more prepared to deliver her in 3 months or less. hitting my panic button Also loving that we have a name finally!

Things are getting so scary, REAL! I'm starting to feel nervous about "life" once Alyssa arrives. How am I going to do the things that need to be done, daily, with a baby needing so much of my time? i.e exercising my 2 dogs, keeping the house clean, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, working out to loose the baby weight, and the list goes on! Oh, I know it'll all fall into place. That there will be a learning curve at first, but standing at the opening of this HUGE new life change is a bit frightening...

I guess it's more frightening knowing my personality type. As R likes to say, I have an all or nothing speed in life. It's so true too. If I can't charge full speed ahead into whatever I'm driving at, I don't do anything at all...A blessing and a curse. Something tells me that adding a baby to your life requires balance, patience and taking it one day at a time, lol...All things I struggle with. Great.

Next update I'll be 28 weeks and most likely a blimp with Shrek feet, or as my lovely sisters say, fat bastard feet. So stay tuned because your not going to want to miss it;)

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