November 27, 2011

Mommy Misses...

Pregnancy definitely has it's days of looking back and missing the things that you shouldn't do or even have while growing a baby. I thought it would be fun to take a look at what this Mommy's been missing:)

Holy crap what I wouldn't give for a perfectly round, perfectly tasty platter of sushi! Just looking at this picture makes my stomach hurt with longing. Dramatic yes, but definitely real! What's worse is this place is infested with sushi shops. Definitely not a help to the cravings ya'll *tear*


These photos are listed exactly by how much I miss each thing and wine is by far at the top; the second most missed thing to be exact;) I wasn't much of a wine drinker before I married R but since, I've found a LOVE for this awesome drink. A chilled glass in the evening while snuggled up to my hubby is the best! 4-5 more months and I'll be sipping on you again dear friend...


I've been a runner off and on for 3 years and yes, I struggled with it daily. Some days were better then others. But it was just so darn rewarding and challenging that it was an enjoyment most of the time! I miss the sound of my feet pounding pavement or gravel in a steady rhythm. Wind in my face. Talking myself up that next hill, "you can do this Bec, you've hurt worse." Trying to steady my heart rate and ultimately finishing the run. That's the best feeling; sweat pouring down your face and your face looking like a tomato but smiling all the same because you finished your run...Not to mention the burned calories:) Die suckers! Soon...

~Tummy Time~
Not being able to sleep on my belly is horrible and wrong!

And not just any jeans, but my size 5/6 jeans. I really need to just bag them up because they threaten to cause unnecessary melt downs, lol...

~Hot Bath~

Apparently you are denied this while pregnant and it does make sense, after you're informed. But until then, all you're thinking is why wouldn't you take baths? It's soothing, feelings good on your body, helps with your achy everything and makes you feel a bit pampered during these non sexy times! Of course, I'm talking about a HOT bath here. Pregnant women are allowed a bath but the water cannot be higher then 100 degrees. The baby is very sensitive to over heating.

I miss being able to breath! The further along you get, the harder it is to breath because baby is growing and crowding your breathing space, putting pressure on your diaphragm. Taking a trip upstairs warrants rest on the edge of the bed to catch my breath and racing heart! Pathetic, I know...

~Cute Shoes~

Last on my list are cute shoes! Before getting pregnant, I would have looked at these and thought, Oh, how adorable and cheery! Now all I see is a day of self induced back pain, swelling feet and not being able to walk the entire day, following...Sad

On the bright side of all this "missing" I only have 3 more months or less to go! I can almost taste the sushi accompanied with a good glass of wine, now;)

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