January 10, 2012

Americas (Next) Extreme Couponer?

Finding out your expecting is a huge deal and so exciting! However around week 20 of your pregnancy, when the ultrasound reveals the sex of your baby, a sudden anxiety sets in--- At least it did for me. We had been holding off on buying baby items; not being sure if Baby "G" was team pink or team blue. But now that we knew and had the green light, shopping had to commence!

Suddenly, like most couple's who Do NOT have boo-koo bucks, you're stressing a bit! I remember making a list of all the baby items we needed/wanted: crib, changing table, glider for nursing, car seat, stroller---You get the idea. The list was pretty long!!! And expensive. So I had to revise---and revise---and revise yet again! Pretty soon our list was bare bones. ABSOLUTE necessities and nothing more. It was kinda depressing!

After that, I developed a new found motivation and obsession for finding crazy deals and saving money! Take a look at some of these AWESOME finds!!! I can't wait to compare the retail value to our actual cost at the end!

A BabyBjorn Miracle Carrier.
Retail value of ($189.99)
Actual cost was ($44.00) Thank you Ebay!

Bright Starts Ingenuity Automatic Bouncer
Retail Value of ($64.99)
Actual cost was ($25.00)
Gotta love your local consignment shops! 
Boppy Infant Feeding & Support Pillow
Retail value of ($49.99)
Actual cost was ($20)
Babies' R' Us rocks super coupons.
Add that with their rewards card, equals smokin good deals!

Medela Pump Instyle Advanced Breast Pump With Metro Bag
Retail value of (349.99)
Actual cost was ($100.00)
A Craigslist SUPER FIND!
Almost brand new, not even a year old with a warranty still!
Don't worry, I'll be replacing the parts that actually touched skin;)
Sony 900 MHZ Baby Call Nursery Monitor
Retail value of ($79.99)
Actual cost was ($16.00)
Babies' R ' Us
Again, coupon paired with
rewards card equals smokin good deals!

BOB 2011 Revolution SE Stroller in Orange
Retail value of ($449.99)
Actual cost was ($195.00)
Babies 'R' Us!!!


Miso happy:)

The time has come--
Total retail value of items above ($1184.94)
Total cost to us ($400)
That's a ($784.94) savings!!!
I'm looking at this number and I still can't believe my eyes!!

I won't even go into detail about my HUGE savings over Black Friday. But as you can see, it doesn't matter if your a new mom trying to build your stash or just wanting something out of your price range. Make use of your coupons, consignment shops, local Goodwill's, Craigslist and Ebay. You might just be surprised at what can happen!!!  


  1. That is incredible. Great work!

  2. Wow! I am so impressed with your savings!!

    I had to get the Medela pump in style with my first and it was AWESOME. If you end up having to pump for any reason, you're going to love it. And I just scored a Bob off of Craigslist too!! It's a duallie and I got it for $300. I'm so pumped to use it. They are really awesome strollers! Good for you for trolling sales and Craigslist and saving yourself some money!!


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