January 5, 2012

How Lust(rous) You Are!

I'm in love! Here are a few things this mommy is lusting after ya'll. Like drool coming out of the side of my mouth, kinda lusting;)

These are "hooter hiders" for all you breastfeeding moms who would like to remain modest in public areas or even in your own home. Point finger HERE! These are made by a fellow military wife I came in contact with before leaving Georgia. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL work! I was/am so in love that my lusting days had to end... I will be the proud owner of the sassy pink/gray/yellow one in the photo above + one, shortly! Prettiest hooter hider I ever did see:)
Oh my gosh...What can I say about this adorable handmade baby hat! I big puffy heart LOVE you! I found myself on Etsy tonight, for the first time, and had to ask myself why I haven't been on there before? Probably a good thing because our credit card would be smoking by now:) Again, my lusting days had to END! Umm, yeah babe...That charge on our card from a Lillian? It's for the baby!

Now this modern/chic diaper bag is something I AM GREEN eyed over! And my lusting days are still alive and well-- Again, Etsy rocks! Who knows, I might find this in my possession before long...Hubby and I are trying to decide whether to do a backpack or a messenger bag to carry baby girls diapers in and something tells me we might be going with a messenger bag:) Big red arrows pointing above ♥

We've already purchased an awesome baby carrier but this is one I would want for myself! I like our recent purchase but it's more of a heavy duty carrier rather then a light and snug fitted throw on and go wrap. I hate that I cannot window shop...Again, this might be mine very soon!
This is a Beaba Babycook for making your own baby food. Which we're totally doing in this household. Have you seen the prices of baby food??? RIDICULOUS! It's not a "must have" item but I would welcome it with open arms should it find its way to my front door:)

AND THIS BAD MAMMA-JAMMA is going to stay on my lust list unless we win the lottery or find it for some insane price on Craigslist. The BOB is like the holy grail of running strollers and it's no wonder! I mean look at it! The thing could climb a snow capped mountain if need be...It's no secret that I like to run and have the itch really bad. This stroller is PERFECT for that and any terrain baby girl and I might come upon. ALL the while being oh so pretty!! I would definitely be inspired to use this if not sing to it and tuck it in at night, ha!
Feel free to add to this list if you can think of anything else I need to lust after. LOL

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  1. The BOB is amazing. Definitely keep your eyes open on craigslist!


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