January 7, 2012

New Year Needs A New Look!

Check out my new sunny slice of the web!

I have officially made the move over from my previous blog Just A Lil' Baby Dust. I hope you decide to scroll down on the right and follow me as we continue this pregnancy. TAKE NOTE: This isn't just a baby blog anymore. I'm getting back to my old blogging roots as an Army wife where I write about anything and everything! So a very random, random blog-- One small request though. I LOVE to hear from my readers! Especially in the early stages of trying to build a blog. It's what keeps me inspired and writing so please feed the need if you feel so inclined!:) Judge if you will--

Just a quick but  HUGE thank you to Kendra over at Keylime Digital Designs for this magnificent piece of art. She was fabulous! I gave her a few details about me, colors and patterns I like and WHAM. A few hours later she came up with, pretty much, all of this! LOVE LOVE IT! I feel like I'm back home again, in all the warm sunshine enjoying a soft summer day:) I hope you enjoy being on this page as much as I do. It's just so cheery and fun!

Now if only I had a porch swing and a glass of sweet tea--


  1. Love your new look! It's so bright and cheery :) And I love the non-traditional header.

  2. Love the layout! Can't wait to hear all your random ramblings. :)


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