January 16, 2012

A Little Stress Venting...

The closer we get to having this baby, the more anxiety I feel. Which I guess it completely normal...Anytime you're skirting uncharted territory, something new, you tend to worry. Or at least I do!

I've narrowed my stress factors down to a few things. The biggest one being that I'll go into labor at a really inconvenient time. HAHA! Let me explain.

My husband will be leaving to the field in 11ish days and won't return until I am on the brink of my 38th week! I'm terrified that Sugar Cube will show before then. Not just that though. I'm scared that I'll be all alone when the time comes, with no ride to the hospital!

Yes, there is always the ambulance option. But who wants to be transported to labor and delivery via an ambulance? Not me! I guess when it comes right down to it, if I'm in any amount of pain, I won't care who gets me there. But the idea of racing down the road with screaming sirens and the unfamiliar faces of whoever is inside that ambulance, staring at me, just doesn't sound appealing... 

Then there is the whole, WHERE will I go into labor, keeping in mind that hubby isn't back...I have 2 dogs y'all. They require exercise and the only place I've found where I can get them out, is at a dog park, 45 minutes from our house. We don't have side walks in our neighborhood or much of a neighborhood at all to walk them in...Taking them out by the road is just scary because I have only enough room to walk just me and not 2 large dogs on either side of myself.

This dog park is deluxe, let me tell you! But seriously, it's like 22 acres all in all...I can barely walk a mile without needing to pee or rest because my belly starts to contract a bit...So I'm either going to be the bad mom and not exercise my dogs while R is away or cave and possibly go into labor in a field of dried up grass...Or snow, seeing as we're now getting some:)

And lastly, I'm nervous that R won't be AT the delivery...It'll suck if he's not here when I start going into labor, but I can handle that, just as long as he gets to see his daughter being born...

Where their training, it's not TOO far. Maybe 200 miles, tops. But because of the recent weather development they are shutting down the passes to this place and so another route needs to be taken.

This other route will make it a 24 hour drive. They have to dispatch someone from Ft. Lewis to go get him (12 hours up) and them the ride back (12 hours.) I know of women who take more than 24 hours to deliver, but I'm not really banking on that being me. Also, who wants to be in labor that long!!!

I know it'll all work out and what will happen, will happen...The important thing being that baby girl arrives healthy:)

Speaking of baby girl and the fact that she'll most definitely want baked goodies, I've been
 trying out my baking skills!     

OMG, these are AMAZING and so hard to mess up. Made from scratch, strawberry cupcakes with strawberry butter cream frosting! YUMMY! The frosting alone is divine. I had a hard time washing the access from the bowl and not just eating the left over. LOL.

These would be perfect for V-day coming up way to quickly!


  1. Do you take your dogs to the Steilacoom dog park? I've heard good things about that one but haven't made it there myself. I know I'm a total stranger, but if you need something and don't have anyone shoot me an email and I can send you my FB info so you have someone close by to rely on. I wouldn't want anyone to be alone in a time like this and it may help your peace of mind. :)

  2. Wish we were stationed at the same place so I could help out! :(

    Try not to stress about delivery- I think it will all work out fine. Unfortunately, I was one of those people with the 24 hour labor. LOL Well, it was 23.5, but goodness gracious, I will just round up because I DESERVE it. haha ;)
    I also went over my due date by a couple of days, and I've heard that's common for first-time moms? So maybe you will be well within your due-date range when you deliver.

    I'll pray for the best for you! Holler if I can calm your nerves about anything from afar!

  3. Yeah...those are all fears I have too, I can totally understand. I say at least give yourself a break on the pups. You can only do so much. Maybe get them some new bones or toys to distract them and keep them occupied if you can't take them outside for a few days? They'll live :)


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